What we're about


-Creatives, Writers, Artists, Visionary Rebels and Cultural Change-Agents who are ready to get their art out into the world and would love some community and support along the way.


- Worry that you’ll never write your book/do your REAL art/make the difference that YOU are here to make in the world?

- Have TONS of great ideas, but then wind up not moving forward on any of them when self-doubt and/or too much thinking takes over?

- Find that you procrastinate the day away due to a feeling that whatever you’re making ins’t “good enough”?

This MeetUp is for you if you are:

- Someone who loves nature, art, personal growth and exploring the deeper layers of yourself and your psyche

- Ready to get your ART (whatever that means to you) out into the world

- Ready to stop the inner critic from running your life and your actions

- Someone who’d enjoy meeting other creatives who are stretching past their comfort zones, in service to getting their gifts out into the world

This MeetUp is probably not for you if:

- You aren’t interested in getting your art/work out into the world

- The concepts of Soul, Nature and/or Art don’t light you up

- You’re not really into personal growth and moving beyond your comfort zone

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Networking in Nature

Bishops Peak Trail Head

Networking is important if you're in business for yourself. And, if you're anything like me, sometimes you'd rather jump into a cold lake than put yourself through yet another networking event. So, here's my solution to that: Networking in Nature! If you know you need to get out there and meet people, and if you love nature, this event's for you. DETAILS: For this first event, we'll meet at Bishop's Peak Trailhead (at the top of Highland/Brittany Circle) at 5pm sharp. We'll start walking down the trail shortly after 5. [In future events, we'll meet at different spots in nature]. We'll do some walking, some talking, and I'll throw in some networking games to spice things up. Bring your hiking shoes and your business cards! See you there!

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Deep Imagery Journey

Ignite Movement Studio


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