What we're about

This is intended as a meet-up for anyone interested in understanding 'Optimisation' and all that entails:

- Beginners looking for advice on how to get training, courses or, just generally, where to get started.
- Experienced practitioners looking for the next big step change: Server-side, Machine Learning, or "something else".
- Advice and guidance on how to build that "centre of excellence", the ever elusive "culture of experimentation".

I am an experienced optimisation practitioner who also happens to work for Optimizely as a solutions engineer. This is a personal project that has no other affiliation with my employer. I am lucky enough to talk to hundreds of people at different stages of their "Optimisation" journey. I've also got quite a substantial level of experience prior to my employment with Optimizely and I want to share that knowledge with other people.

Upcoming events

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