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This Meetup Group is open to those who join and is for the Boy Scouts of America, Crossroads of the West Council.

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Climbing Instructors

New Climbing Instructor students that have not taken the instructor course

Unit leaders


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1: Climbing Instructors: The purpose of this group is to allow a general place where the Crossroads of the West Council Climbing/Canyoneering Committee can communicate with instructors about council activities, courses, workshops and meetings.

Instructors can:

Schedule a practice session or a meetup with other instructors.

Make a request for other instructors to help with an activity.

Inform the group about an area that will be occupied for their activity.

2. New Climbing Instructor Students that have NOT taken the instructor course should register but wait to RSVP for activities until they have attended the Climbing Level I course.

Register with your Full Name so we will know who you are.

Choose an appropriate picture, showing your face.

Do not RSVP for a meetup until after you have completed the instructor course.

3. Unit leaders: Unit leaders wishing to find climbing instructors for a unit climbing/rappelling activity can make a request by scheduling a meetup. (for instructions see below under General).

Register with your Full Name so we will know who you are.

Choose an appropriate picture

Do not RSVP for a meetup you did not schedule.

Council approved climbing instructors are available to:

Take your unit climbing, rappelling, canyoneering or caving.

Teach the Climbing merit badge.

Teach the Varsity Climbing and rappelling pin.

Teach the Mountaineering elective for the Venturing Ranger Award.

4. General:

General instructions for scheduling a meetup can be found under the "Pages" tab.

Remember to:

Keep it simple.

Date (Flexibility is better than fixed dates)

Activity (It is easier to schedule instructors to teach the merit badge than to just take you rappelling)

Number of participants.

Bullets work better than paragraphs.

Contact information

The more we help teach each other the stronger the program becomes.

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