What we're about

Vaccinated members only! Proof must be shown to organizer!!

All events are restricted to include only members who have been fully 100 % vaccinated against COVID – 19.

Do not RSVP YES if you have not been fully vaccinated.

I will remove members from the group temporarily until you can show valid proof, either the NYS vaccination card or to bring it up on the NYS Excelsior pass on your smart phone.

Our meet up group is about meeting people, having a nice meal and getting to know each other.

We will eat and dine at mostly mid-priced restaurants.

You are welcome to enjoy anything on the menu. Everyone pays for the food and drink(s) that they order, Plus tax and tip, there could be an additional charge for parties of 8 or more. No carrying your drink order to the table, settle you drink bill at the bar!

Your share of the dinner bill is calculated by taking your subtotal (example, drinks, appetizers, entrée, and dessert) & multiplying it by 1.3, this formula covers the tax & tip on your bill.

Always have sufficient cash on hand to pay for your meal. Small bills $ are great so we don’t have to interrupt the staff for change, and it makes it easier for us to settle up and leave.

Some restaurants do not take credit cards! There are equipment and sometimes connectivity issues. And there are restaurants that won’t allow separate credit cards, cash money is the easiest way for us to settle up and move on.

The organizer or host will always ask for separate checks however not all restaurants will do this. Please settle your bar tab at the bar before we're seated. Bar tabs do NOT get carried to our table. Everyone is expected to stay seated until the restaurant bill is settled.

Additional info.

Everyone is required to have a current photo that clearly shows who you are.

No hiding behind sunglasses or hats, dark pictures, or hiding behind your pets head, or standing in the shade of a tree, no out of focus / blurry pictures and no photos that feature promotion of any kind in the background / foreground like team shirts, corporate or company, bands, amusement parks etc.

A photo like your driver’s license is ideal.

NO FAMILY photos, spouse etc.… just you!

There are no exceptions for anyone on this issue.

We will NOT have conversations regarding the following subjects. Politics, Medical issues, Religion, Taxes and conspiracies. We are not a debate group. We're looking for positive conversation.

Do not pass out or share business cards or promote a business or service.

No photographs are to be taken unless I am asked BEFORE the event starts, unless I make a exception, I / we respect those who do not want their picture taken...just tell me, it's OK!

Do not email or spam members of my meet up groups., unwanted communication must be reported to meet up.com and tell me the administrator Hugh.

Do not email people you have never met., we are not a dating group, we and meetup.com are about friendship.

Attendance; after 2 no shows you will be removed from this group.

Cancellations, if you must cancel / change your RSVP to NO, do this by 9 pm the night before the event or at the latest before 12 noon on the day of the event, or you will be removed from the group. ( to let me adjust the waitlist & for those who can now potentially attend, sufficient time to reply if they are still available, and for me to update the reservation with the restaurant )

Most of the time we will meet each other at the Bar area or foyer so I can introduce everyone, it's usually the only place to gather before we are seated or waiting to be seated. I am not implying anyone to drink alcohol. No one has to drink, No one should feel any pressure to drink. If you are not wanting to be in a Bar area, let me know.

FYI, restaurants are in the business of making money, they do become unhappy and sometimes upset when people do not show up.

I then have to deal with the waitstaff, owners, and or the maître d', it's not fun.

I require members to pay $4.00 yearly to reimburse what meet up charges me yearly., it is NOT free.

Membership runs from January 1st to December 31st then we start over for the next year.

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