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Meet-up Membership - due to a 50 member limit on the basic plan, (which is still not cheap) it has become necessary to remove members that never show to make space for new members that might.

Please note that it is never personal, it is just fair for those that would like to check it out. Your free to rejoin again at any time.

This Meet-up group is for the discussion and practice of remote viewing or controlled remote viewing, and for those that would just like to know what resources for training are available.

Also see https://www.meetup.com/CRV-Vancouver-BC/abo... (https://www.meetup.com/CRV-Vancouver-BC/about/)

The monthly sessions will be primarily based on practicing RV - Remote Viewing as taught by Russel Targ. We may also do video's from IRVA conferences and provided information where to get training locally.

CRV was the original Stargate program as developed and used by the US military. I was taught RV through Russel Targ. CRV by Lyn Buchanan (intermediate and med apps), Lori Williams (basic and med-apps) and Dr. Angela Thompson Smith (basic, intermediate, advanced).

Remote viewing is simply a method, or technique to access the subconscious mind allowing a dialog with the conscious mind to occur. Though it has many applications it is also a technique that has been successfully used for the recovery of missing people.

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