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This is group for those interested in learning Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV).

Interested in experiencing the process of remote viewing?

Want to learn the tools and techniques that are behind the process that you may have heard about / seen in the media?

Come and experience this amazing process that was developed at Stanford Research Institute (SRI) and used by the US Military’s Stargate program.

Remote viewing is a trainable procedure in which an individual can collect information about an undisclosed target. The results are often amazing and profoundly impacting on a personal level.

See some of our group’s work on facebook:

Our first beginning remote viewing class in December was a great success - incredible students and a wonderful weekend! Read Jennifer’s experience during the class below:

“As an innovator in the personal development field, a BMI recording artist in the rock/new country genre, and published author, I bring an out-of-the-box kind of “rebel-evolution” to everything I encounter, assimilate and skill-build upon.

With a thoughtful, systematic and thorough introduction, as well as step-by-step skill-development for stages I-III, Vijay Ram of Pleasant Hill California creates a generous platform in order to launch students’ unconscious into the quantifiable realm of Remote Viewing.

It is with a full heart and open mind to the wonderment of our incredible unconscious abilities, that I endorse this trainable process of successful Controlled Remote Viewing as the course CRV I."

And here are Jennifer’s comments about doing a session in class:

"I experienced a rush of excitement and a bit of awe in my own abilities to reach a target, find sensory data around the target, and even create three dimensional depictions of the site. Can’t wait for the intermediate & advanced courses! I’m in!"

Jennifer Bair

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