What we're about

This group is for K-12 teachers interested in integrating computer science (CS) into their curriculum with confidence and creativity!

CS education is essential to the future our students. CS is not just about being able to use computers. It is about innovation, collaboration and problem-solving. CS is about building computational and critical thinking skills that allow students to create - not simply use - future technologies.

All levels are welcome - no computer science experience or knowledge is necessary!


Hi All,

To prevent this group from being shut down, I signed up as organizer on 1/9/2019. I have no current plan for the group - just simply wanted to preserve the community of interested individuals and retain a place to for relevant discussions.

If you have an idea for evolving this Meetup further, please contact me directly or post to the "Meetup Status and Goals - Reply Here" discussion group.

Best Regards,


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