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Best of Breed: Cloud Infrastructure Security Management | Container Security
Over the next five years we will see a significant transformation in network and application security, including network compliance policies, driven by the need to better support cloud applications, DevOps, and Containerization. How switches, routers, firewalls, and VPNs (GRE/IPSEC Tunneling) are configured in the not-too-distant future will look “nothing” like it does today. Network change management will be supplanted by extremely granular cryptographic chain-of-trust across all systems, objects, apps, and users; cryptographic segmentation will replace network segmentation; and NIST ABAC will function as the policy layer along with deep PKI/CA/X509 integration. These transformative events are inevitable and will require a re-education of audit and compliance personnel—all driven by a fast moving and highly competitive digital climate. SESSION #1: SPEAKER, DOME9 Cloud Infrastructure Security -- Verifiable Cloud Network Security, Advanced IAM Protection, Comprehensive Compliance and Governance. A review of the top cloud infrastructure management challenges, including visibility into cloud infrastructure, adherence to compliance regulations and governance standards, and setting consistent security policies. -- How do you establish and maintain a consistent security posture across your cloud environments (AWS/Azure/Google)? -- How do you seamlessly extend your security as you rapidly scale operations? -- Why security in the cloud is fundamentally different from data center security, and what you need to do to ensure a consistent security posture in your cloud environments. -- How to architect a scalable security solution for your Cloud infrastructure. SESSION #2: SPEAKER, APORETO This session will review the significant limitations associated with current network security models that no longer align with the needs of digital business, as well as solutions based on Zero-Trust, and more specifically Container Security: The evolution of advanced Application Security -- Network-Oriented Security versus Cryptographically Enabled Chain-of-Trust: Maintaining cryptographic chain-of-trust across all cloud-native applications in zero-trust environments...2018 "Container Security" catches up with DevSecOps. -- Manage Identities across applications and services by combining context and metadata from trusted sources. -- Establish and maintain cryptographic root of trust for identity. -- Automatically encode security requirements as policy that is applied to every protected application. -- Enable operational simplicity with zero touch from developers. SESSION #3: SPEAKER, APORETO Deep Dive into Container Security


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