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"NO FUN FOR ELEPHANTS" CAMPAGIN at Colorado Renaissance Faire

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Animal Defenders International has this ‘No Fun for Elephants’ ( campaign to educate the public about cruel elephant rides (CLICK LINK ABOVE FOR VIDEO with Bob Barker).

Animal Defenders International (ADI) is working across the country to END these dangerous and inhumane elephant rides. Already they are having success, with cities and events across Southern California severing ties with the notorious elephant provider, Have Trunk Will Travel, and ending their elephant rides.

This cruel event will be part of the 2013 Colorado Renaissance Faire right here in Larkspur CO! ADI and our elephant friends need our help! Animal Action Network and Colorado Springs Animal Action Network will be teaming up with our friends at ADI to help with their campaign on a local level.

The posters and leaflets will be provided and we will be using our Animal Rights meetup groups in Denver and Colorado Springs to post the events.

This demonstration on 22 June will last about two hours, but please come when you can and stay as long as you can (SEE BELOW FOR OTHER WAYS TO HELP RF ANIMALS).


The Colorado Renaissance Festival is located in Larkspur, Colorado halfway between Denver and Colorado Springs.

Use Interstate 25, south from Denver or north from Colorado Springs.
Use Exit 173 when coming from Denver and exit 172 when coming from Colorado Springs.

Travel time is about 25 to 30 minutes from both Denver and Colorado Springs city limits.

We are teaming up with ADI this year to coordinate as many demonstrations
as possible. So far we have volunteer organizers this event for 22 June,
but the animals need as many shows covered as possible to plant seeds
for faire goers. Please help by organizing more demonstrations.

This certainly is NOT the only animal abuse happening at Colorado Renaissance Faire.
They also have tiger prisoners and other unfortunate animal slaves.

If you want to host an event to speak up for ANY of the abuses at this faire,
please feel free to use this group to alert and invite others to help.

If you can't host or attend, PLEASE be a voice for these animals
who can't defend themselves by making polite but firm calls and
writing polite but firm letters, letting the faire organizers know
that you will alert and inform all your friends, family, and
co-workers about the use of animals at their fare, and
you will NOT attend a faire until they STOP the use of
animals once and for all. They don't need animal acts
to make their event fun and exciting for everyone!


We need local volunteers from our groups to help with demonstrations, and a few to take the lead as organizer for at least one of the following dates. If each of us hosts an event on a date and time that works for each of us, imagine how many seeds we will plant and how many animals we will help!

The Colorado Renaissance Faire for 2013 is happening weekends of:


15 & 16

22 & 23

29 & 30


6 & 7

13 & 14

20 & 21

27 & 28


3 & 4

It's preferable to have the demos start as people arrive, but the start times of each demonstration can be scheduled to fit each organizers convenience up until 4 PM . There should be people arriving at the Faire and leaving throughout the day.

The Faire hours are 10 AM to 6:30 PM each day.


Bob Barker Spearheads New ADI Campaign to
End Elephant Suffering at Fairs

ADI has launched a nationwide initiative in the United States about the use of
elephants giving rides, performances or making appearances at public events.
At the heart of the campaign is a new DVD narrated by Emmy award winning
TV host Bob Barker entitled ‘No Fun For Elephants’ and featuring harrowing
undercover footage from inside elephant training facilities in California, as
well as abuse of an elephant on tour by a Texas-owned company.





Endangered Cat Show

Exciting, Educational, Exotic and Enthralling! The Big Cats (and some small ones too), will Thrill audiences with their power and majesty! The Great Cats World Park/Center for Endangered Cats is Proud to present their “Ambassadors to the Wild” in an Exciting and Educational show featuring the dynamic Athletic Abilities of these Amazing Felines, as well awareness for these Rare and Endangered Species. Expect to see species such as the Black Panther; the Amur Leopard, the Caracal and the Lynx up close and personal! These cats are not trained animal actors, but have a creative bond with their human partners to bring you an experience of wonder and excitement you will never forget! (

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