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D&D 3.5 Group 4 every other Sunday 12-6 PM

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Our meetup group keeps growing, now we had to add a 4th gaming group. This one plays on the Sundays opposite Group 1. This is a new campaign in a new world which Eric has created, so check with him for specifics on starting up characters. From what I remember, start a 2nd level character with max HP for both 1st and 2nd level, and max GP for 1st level + 200 GP for 2nd level. Like Group 1, this game is for good/neutral characters. See Group 1 for other similarities, but Eric has the last word.

Depending on which DM's are available, sometimes this group plays game 4A (Eric's) and sometimes group 5 (not on meetup and invitation only) which is normally the same time as group 1 but at the same location as group 4 (game 4B has apparently been discontinued). Sometimes they don't even know until game day which game they'll want to run. So it's best to be flexible if you can. And DM's should indicate which game they're planning to run if they know ahead of time (subject to change due to emergencies of course). So for those not already in group 5, this meetup here is for game 4A, which is played only if and when Eric is available to DM, so check this event each time for further notes.