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What we’re about


The CSR & Sustainability Meetup - The UAE ISSP Chapter group is the first in the region to offer an open learning and networking platform for sustainability professionals and advocates.

The CSR & Sustainability Meetup - The UAE ISSP Chapter is part of the UAE local chapter of the International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP), currently the only professional body in the Middle East for Sustainability professionals. The CSR & Sustainability Meetup - The UAE ISSP Chapter is being formed from the CSR & Sustainability Meetup Dubai Group, which was founded in May 2014 to provide access to sustainability resources to everyone across the UAE, to increase awareness on Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Responsibility, and improve sustainability performance of businesses and organizations.

The main purpose of this group is to network, exchange knowledge and expertise on Sustainability and CSR. The ultimate aim of the meet-up is to generate new thinking on what best practice Sustainability might look like, both in theory and in practice, incorporating all key aspects of Sustainability: social, financial, environmental. Participants will learn from the practical experience of our renowned guest speakers. Guest speakers that have a strong learning element will contribute by sharing their experience and lessons learned. We offer a platform for open discussion and best practice exchange and invaluable support maximizing social impact.

Attending the meetup brings a lot of benefits and you will:

- understand the essence of Sustainability, CSR and social impact

- learn about the latest trends and developments in Sustainability and CSR at a global and local level

- take part in lively and interactive discussions

- discuss opportunities for partnerships

The group is for both experienced professionals from Business, Environmental, Marketing, HR, Quality, H&S, Governance, Communication, Non-Profit and other relevant fields, as well as passionate novices or a ''love-to-share" advocates.

Our meetings have duration of 1,5-2h. The format of the meetings is:

Ø  Networking

Ø  Welcome/ introductions

Ø  Guest speeches

Ø  Q&As

Ø  Networking

We invite you to join, recommend topics for discussion and guest speakers for our meetups.

We are looking forward to seeing you at our next event!

Aglaia Ntili