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CSS Brigade #5: Z-index & CSS Selectors Best Practices

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CSS Brigade is back with a new event May 29th at Hootsuite!

This time around we have two essential talks that will cover CSS Selectors (level 2, 3 and 4) and z-index!

Here are the details of the two presentations:

Z-index: Layer the DOM to your will

Ever had troubles with an element that’s “stuck” under other elements, even though it has the highest z-index in the DOM? Ever had problems troubleshooting layered elements using CSS?

Trouble no more! Learn about z-index and how to use it to layer the DOM to your will. Anny will cover two important concepts: stacking context and stacking order. You will walk away with a new-found appreciation for z-index’s powers, and tips for troubleshooting CSS layering problems.

Anny is a passionate young web developer, specializing in responsive front-end design, HTML/CSS and javascript.

CSS Selectors Best Practices & Performance

We’ve come a long way since the old days of CSS! Dave is here to bring us up to date by showing us how to use some handy level 2 and 3 selectors, diving into selector best practices and performance implications. Finally he will give a sneak peak into the future of level 4 selectors!

Dave is a front-end web developer and web technologies instructor. He passionately follows progressive web technologies and techniques including HTML5, CSS3 and multi-device web design and development. Dave also loves biking!


This event is completely free and everybody is welcome to come. Hope to see you all there! Go to to find more information on this event.

If you have any questions or suggestions reach us out on twitter @cssbrigade or email [masked].