CSS Masters Israel - The Third Event Meetup! in TLV

CSS Masters Israel
CSS Masters Israel
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17:45 - gathering and networking
18:20 - CSS Architecture with CSS Variables
19:30 - Small break ☕
19:35 - Give SCSS superpower with CSS counters - Lightning Talk
19:45 - Small break ☕
19:50 -CSS Rendering Performance
20:45 - Going Home 😊

The third meetup of the Amazing Group "CSS Masters Israel" is coming!

In this meetup will have three amazing lectures:
---------------- Talk 1 --------------
CSS Architecture with CSS Variables - CSS native variables, Is a new feature in CSS, which give you amazing way to control your CSS in ways you couldn’t imagine! in this talk I will show you the power of CSS Variables.
– History of CSS Variables
– Pros & Cons CSS Variables vs SASS Variables
– How Native CSS Variables Work
– Global Scope vs Private Scope
– CSS Variables in Real Life Scenarios
– How to Control CSS Variables via Server or JS

Elad is CSS/HTML Architect, Tech Lead CSS/HTML at Investing.com, Founder of CSS Masters Israel Community, Writer of various globally known CSS articles and a CSS speaker.

---------------- Talk 2 (Lightning talk)-----------------
Give SCSS superpower with CSS counters - The ability to count elements with CSS is alive from CSS 2.1 version, and with the power that SCSS gave us, it can do some great things. In this talk, I will show you some of that power.

Michal Porag, Front-End developer at Overwolf & Computer Science student at The Open University.
With a big love for technology, art, geek culture and cats.

---------------- Talk 3 -----------------
CSS Rendering Performance - As frontend developers, we are expected to write rich user interfaces that include many moving elements, transitions and animations. However, intensive DOM modification may cause performance issues such as slow response or a stuttering page while damaging user experience.

In this niche lecture, Evyatar will dive into the rendering engine of the browser to demonstrate how to write performant CSS code without compromising features or readability, or using GPU hacks.
Additionally, he will present the RAIL model for measuring any app performance from the user perception.

Evyatar Rosner | Full-stack developer, consultant and lecturer, specializes in the browser environment & UI/UX.

Location: Ha-Shlosha St 2 Tel Aviv (Adgar 360 Building - 22 floor)

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