• AI && K-12 CS Education

    Sesame Workshop

    Join us for an exciting evening of talks and conversation about the applications of Artificial Intelligence in K-12 CS education! We will also be holding elections for CSTA-NYC officer positions for the year[masked]. Please join us if you are interested in helping shape our community and the growth of CS teaching and learning in NYC. Food and refreshments will be served! We will be hearing from: Jason Huang | ReadyAI (http://readyai.org) ReadyAI is the first comprehensive K-12 AI education company to create an “out of the box ready” and complete program to teach AI for K-12 AI education that empowers students to use AI to change the world. Nathan Holbert | Beats Empire ( Integrating computer science into the United States schools is one of the most significant changes being made to K-12 public education in decades. The New York City CS4All initiative is a leader in this educational reform and serves as a model for other cities and states. One aspect of the NYC efforts is to integrate computer science concepts across disciplines. A challenge with this approach is helping non-computer science teachers, and their students, in assessing if they have met computer science learning goals. The three-year NSF funded STEM+C project Formative Assessments for Computer Science in NYC project seeks to create a method to measure this learning through an interactive technology-enhanced assessment system that will provide formative feedback to students and teachers. This project will address core research questions about how to provide ongoing assessment of student computer science (CS) learning that: (a) provides useful feedback to teachers and students; (b) is appealing for students to engage with; and (c) can be used with a wide diversity of curricula that integrate CS and STEM domains. The tool (Beats Empire), as a playful assessment, will be open-sourced and made available to approximately 600 students during the project, with an eye to serve over 100,000 diverse and low-income NYC middle school students, and eventually to other districts across the U.S. In addition, we anticipate this project will provide insight on research and design in areas as diverse as assessment, CS Ed curricula, and educational game design.

  • CSEdWeek Celebration: Ethics in Tech

    Microsoft Technology Center

    Celebrate CSEdWeek with your CSTA-NYC community for a special conversation on ethics in tech, featuring: Anil Dash, CEO, Glitch Natasha Singer, The New York Times Interviewed by Marc Lesser, Chief Learning Officer, Mouse & Producer of “No Such Thing” Podcast @anildash | @natashanyt | @malesser https://nosuchthingpodcast.wordpress.com

  • Getting ready for CSEdWeek! Featuring CSTA Executive Director Jake Baskin

    Please join us for a special night where NYC teachers will showcase the ways in which they are gearing up to celebrate CSEdWeek with their students! We will also have a special guest, CSTA Executive Director Jake Baskin, joining us to discuss what’s in store for the national Computer Science Teachers Association. If you would like to share how you are planning to celebrate CSEdWeek in your school, please let us know by filling out this form: https://tinyurl.com/cstanycedweek

  • NYC Happy Hour at 2018 CSTA Conference

    Liberty Tavern Omaha

    Join CSTA-NYC members and friends for happy hour at the Hilton Omaha!

  • End of Year Celebration


    Celebrate the[masked] school year, toast your colleagues, and dream up what you'd like CSTA-NYC to do next year! This meetup will be hosted by our friends at Gakko in their beautiful new Soho space.

  • How Do I Assess CS? CS Assessment Best Practices + Research

    How do you know your students are actually learning computer science? Come discuss computer science assessment best practices and research with a group of experienced CS teachers! Code/Interactive, Google CS Education, and Hunter College have been working with a group of CS Assessment Fellows for the[masked] school year and they are ready to share what they learned. (See https://codeinteractive.org/cs-assessment-fellows/ for more information.) Topics will include: - How can we help beginner CS teachers assess their students? - What best practices do experienced CS teachers use to create formative and summative assessments? - What does research tell us about best practices for assessing our students in CS classrooms? We are also unveiling the CS Assessment Library, a list of resources compiled by our CS Assessment Fellows over the course of this school year. AERA Conference attendees are welcome and encouraged to join. Light food and beverages will be provided!

  • Organizational Meeting

    Cornell Tech

    CSTA-NYC is six months old! Hooray! Like any six month old, it’s time for a check up — or check in — with our members. Join us for an organizational meeting to give us feedback on how it’s going so far, what you’d like to see us do in the future, and any initiatives or projects you’d like to make happen. When we’re together, we’ll raise a glass to Tata Consultancy Services, our new meetup partner. We’re so grateful for their support. Thank you!!!

  • Jane Street Tech Talks: Curriculum Design as an Engineering Problem

    ** DO NOT RSVP HERE! REGISTER AT https://www.janestreet.com/tech-talks/curriculum-design New computing curricula are being created every day. Seemingly every permutation of words like "teach", "kids", "code", and "CS" has been turned into an organization (or company). Technologists everywhere are either being drafted to weigh in on curricula…or are doing so anyway. Everybody's got an opinion or three. But in the current and foreseeable reality of computer science education in the USA (and in many other countries), what does reality look like and how can we be effective in it? Might it even be that by working with reality, we may actually get *better* outcomes than if we ignored it? This talk will distill lessons from Bootstrap (http://www.bootstrapworld.org/), one of the largest computing outreach programs in the USA. Presented by: Shriram Krishnamurthi, Brown University. Featuring joint work with Emmanuel Schanzer and Kathi Fisler.

  • #EthicalDS: Ethics, Data Science and Youth in NYC

    Join us for a full-day conference at Cornell Tech focused on introducing high school educators to interesting ideas and tools at the intersection of ethics, data science, civic engagement and learning. Our goal is to expose middle school and high school teachers from various backgrounds to the ethics of data science work, including how youth can participate, as well as the impact data science can have on the public and on policy. Experts in the field will speak to the issues, then be available to teachers to facilitate curriculum development. Please bring your laptop if possible. 9:00 - 9:30: Registration, coffee and continental breakfast KEYNOTE 9:30 Mark Hansen (Director, David and Helen Gurley Brown Institute for Media Innovation & Professor of Journalism) 10:30 PANEL: Civic Data Noel Hidalgo (BetaNYC) Emily Goldman (BetaNYC) Ben Wellington (Two Sigma, iQuantNY) 11:30 PANEL: Ethics and Data Science Solon Barocas (Cornell) Karen Levy (Cornell) 12:15 LUNCH (Provided) 1:00 PANEL: Youth and Data Science Sarah Van Wart (UC Berkeley) Leanne Bowler (University of Pittsburgh) Natasha Singer (NY Times) 2:00 WORKSHOPS (Choice) Connecting Web Design and Data Explore different ways of interacting with networked data (e.g. live transit and weather data, Twitter, YouTube, Google Spreadsheets, etc.) using JavaScript (Sarah Van Wart) Your Data Trail (Leanne Bowler) Explore simple and fun ways to help teens gain an awareness of themselves as data subjects in the complex data ecosystem that surrounds them Does Technology Improve Education? Is Uber Evil? Is Alexa a setback for feminism? Discuss! A workshop on ways to engage high school students in thinking critically about technology (Natasha Singer) Curriculum Development: Meet with presenters to build out lesson/unit ideas in data science

  • CSEdWeek Celebration Featuring Scratch Creator Mitch Resnick

    Microsoft Technology Center

    Please join us for a special CSEdWeek 2017 Celebration with Mitch Resnick, Professor or Learning Research at the MIT Media Lab, creator of Scratch, and author of Lifelong Kindergarten: Cultivating Creativity through Projects, Passion, Peers, and Play. (https://mitpress.mit.edu/books/lifelong-kindergarten) Mitch and his work have played a huge role in K-12 computer science education. Please join us at Microsoft Technology Center for a discussion of how our work in CS education can help students think and act creatively. There will be books. Bring your burning questions! We’re looking forward to learning with you.