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The tiny house movement is gaining momentum. A gathering of like-minded people interested in the many aspects of the tiny house movement. Whether you're just curious about tiny houses, want a private guest room or office, a vacation home or have down-sized and are making one your primary residence, this group is for you. Want to run your ideas by a few like-minded friends, who don't think you're crazy? Need some help building? Trying to find a place to park your house, or have parking to offer? Or, maybe you'd like to connect and work with others to help get zoning restrictions amended? Have some great decorating ideas that help maximize space? We'd love to hear them! These unique, tiny dwellings offer simplicity, lower cost of living and allow their residents more time to focus on what matters most to them.

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Tiny House Tour - Runaway Shanty

Needs a location

April Tiny House Meetup

Trinity College

Tour of Lisa's Tiny House on Wheels

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Tiny House Meetup

Needs a location

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