What we're about

If you want to contribute to an open source project and you have no idea where to start this group is for you. We are looking for enthusiastic software developers, documentation, marketing and project managers to help us manage, promote and develop a real world open source user interface (browser app) that can be adapted by using a well established and though out API.

What it will offer:

• User management

• User permissions

• Group management

• Group permissions

• Session management

• Calendar (scheduling)

• Roles

• Role management

• Asset Management

• many more (as requested)

Why are we doing this? Well, have you ever though of building a web application and find that you had to develop the front end or had to use a CMS like Joomla/Drupal/WebGUI... and you were stuck with learning said CMS?

How about an alternative, how about a generic interface that you can adopt to your website and provides what you need without all the backend requirements of a full blown CMS?

Or did you ever want to know and understand more about a particular tool or language and you were unsure about were to go for that knowledge? Well, here is your chance. We will be learning most of the tools as we go and get the project off the ground. We are NOT experts, just people willing and able to learn and share ideas, ask questions and teach what we do know. It is easier to learn one thing and teach that one thing than to try and learn all these technologies by ourselves.

Tools that we will learn and use:

GIT, Grunt, Javascript (ES6), npm (node), Yeoman, ReactJS, GraphQL, Webpack, Bootstrap and many more.

If you have expertise in one or more of these items feel free to suggest a training session or class during our meetings.

As a Perl enthusiast interested in best practices, security, web development and educating others about the power of the Perl Programming Language( http://www.perl.org/ ) all if not most of the server stuff that (Daniel Maldonado) develops will be in Perl. Not a restriction as you can use whichever language, tool, or whatever you are comfortable with on the server.

* Participants must be prepared to troubleshoot any operating system related issues, as the trainer may not be familiar with every operating system and it may take time away from moving the project forward. Peer assistance is highly encouraged.

Past events (10)

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