What we're about

Parenting is part art, part science, and a whole lot of trial and error; especially in our culture of competition that unwittingly contributes to increased anxiety, addiction, and depression in kids and adults alike.

This is a place for you to slow down... take a deep breath... and find a safe space to learn and laugh with other parents who think and care deeply about how to raise thoughtful kids in a crazy culture.

Positive parenting focusses on fostering goodness, growth, and gratitude in ourselves and in our kids. When we are mindful about what true well-being looks like, we can trust our ability to teach (and discipline) kids who are healthy, whole, and truly happy.

Here's the deal:

- Once a month, we watch and discuss videos from leading researchers who apply the science of well-being to parenting (e.g. growth mindset, strengths-based living, grit & goal-setting, building resilience, etc.).

- We also enjoy tapas and wine (or whatever people bring to share) to encourage connection and conversation.

- We make connections that carry on outside of the group (think: playdates, picnics, family field trips, etc.)

Let's raise conscious kids who care about the things that matter most.

Currently, children are not invited to attend, but with enough attendees, we can pool resources for a babysitter (and maybe even develop a program for teens and kids to run simultaneously).

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