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What is the CTMO? Yes, Chinease Tea Meetup Osaka has been held as part of PMO (See below). We are making wide friendship through Chinese tea and several languages (mainly Japanese, Mandarin and English). If you are interested in at least one of them, freely join us. No need to be expart! I am very sure you would surely meet talented/energetic people there(^^♪

1. 白茶 (White tea)
2. 绿茶 (Green tea/ 西湖龙井・竹叶青・ 碧螺春 etc)
3. 乌龙茶 (Woo long tea/ 铁观音・大红袍 etc)
4. 红茶 (Black tea/ 正山小种・金俊眉 etc)
5. 普洱茶 (Puer tea)
6. 水果茶 (Fruit tea) etc

Related meetups

① [PMO (Polyglots/多言語話者 meetup Osaka)]
1. Multilingual party with Chinese tea and basic Chinese (Mandarin) lesson
※It is very relax event. Any of your stress by the work will be surely disappered.
2. Multilingual party with Coffee
※Same as above

✪[OMG(Osaka Multilingual Gathering)]
I am one of three organizers (Including Andy from Australia and James from U.K.)

[OUR GOAL] ※ Hope you would not be so serious about the contents, and just be relaxed in our event(^^♪
1. Making wide friendship
2. Friendly competition
3. Sharing the experiences, knowledge, friends and so on
4. Contibution to the society

As with all of our gatherings, we ask that participants not advertise personal religious or political views, and not conduct personal business. Those found in violation of this policy will be removed from our group.


Sep 19, 2019
{Chinese tea lover / Speaker of Japanese (Mother tongue), Mandarin Chinese, English and Korean / Hiphop dancer / Organizer of SOUND BRIDGE}



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