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CTO - Creative Technology Oslo
CTO - Creative Technology Oslo
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The Dubliner - Irish Pub

The Dubliner Folk Pub Oslo Rådhusgt · Oslo

How to find us

We'll be in the shuffle board room through the main bar and out the backyard. Ask at the front bar if that doesn't make sense :)

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"No need to set up a large Content Management System" the client said, but you know better. Years in the trenches have taught you that the client seldom knows what they are asking for. The design isn't finished, so the designer must edit the CSS as you build the structure. They won't need just plain pages, but several custom content types and a probably a webshop down the line. You don't won't them calling you late at night asking to "publish the text from marketing", so you need to make sure they can maintain the content themselves.

What is the right CMS for your project in 2019? Has Wordpress evolved? Is Craft still "the shit"? What is a secure solution without much maintenance? What's right for a 2-page site or a 100 page annual report? There will be at least four brief presentations covering Wordpress, Expressionengine, Craft and Sanity. Got a favorite CMS not on the list? If you can make 5 slides on why it's cool, we'll add you to the list of speakers! (Max 10 minutes!) During the presentations we'll enjoy beer and snacks from the Dubliner bar. Afterwards we'll discuss pros and cons for various solutions.