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Are you a CTO or tech leader in a company based in Barcelona? Join our Lidr's local community in Barcelona and share your knowledge and tips with colleagues!

We hold regular meetings where CTOs will present their latest progress, tech stack and share their day to day experience including, but not limited to, recruiting process, salaries, tech profiles etc.

Our Meetups typically last 1 hour and are followed by a networking session, in accordance to this format:

• Keynote Talk (~20 minutes): a CTO from a popular and well-known company shares his/her experience (e.g. goals, achievements, tips, etc.)

• Product Talk / Short Talk (~10 minutes): a founder or CTO presents his/her company and product.

• Discussion (~30 minutes): a moderator (either the event organizers or a guest) will foster the discussion about relevant topics emerging from the talks or spontaneously from the audience.

• Networking (+ beers)

Although this event is mainly addressed to people who currently cover tech leadership roles in a company (from Eng. Manager to CTOs), all members of the community (including, but not limited to, developers and tech enthusiasts) are more than welcome!

If you want to join our global tech leadership community in Slack, join us on https://lidr.co/community

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Communication skills: How to "Sell DevOps" to the Executives?

Hello Tech Leaders! We start 2021 with renewed energies and a very interesting session. InnoIT Consulting & Lidr CTO Training are delighted to host Jordi Falguera, seasoned Agile Strategist, on his interactive and practical session: ✅ How to "Sell DevOps" to the Executives He will join us to share his experience talking "executives' language", will explain how to "sell" tech ideas to the C-Level, and getting buy-in. We'll cover brief stories from Jordi's trajectory that may resonate with the audience, including tips&tricks from his experience, and we will all have the chance to practice it in order to improve our communication skills. So get ready to brainstorm with the rest of the audience. 🗓 Meetup Agenda: 🕖 [17.55] Opening 🕖 [18.00 - 18.40] How to "Sell DevOps" to the Executives, by Jordi Falguera 🕖 [18.40 - 19.10] Interactive activity in breakout rooms using Jamboard 🕖 [19.10 - 19.30] Q&A 🎙Speaker: Jordi Falguera (https://www.linkedin.com/in/jordifalguera/) is a seasoned Agile Strategist. He has been part of many large Agile transformations and has consistent successful interactions with executive roles to help them adopt Agile practices. 📍Address: This workshop will be hosted online in Zoom. Please register yourself on Zoom at this Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/s/84941432553 See you there! InnoIT Consulting & Lidr CTO Training & Jordi Falguera 👩‍💻👨‍💻 About CTOs &co: CTOs &co was founded in December 2016 with the objective of creating a venue where tech leaders meet to share their experience and network with the local community. It is currently managed by Lidr.co, the training for next-gen CTOs. Do you want to continue the conversation? Join our slack community in https://lidr.co/community/

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