Dual session: Hastlayer / Cognitive Services with Xamarin


Join us on March 7th for a dual session! First, we will learn all about turning software into computer chips with Hastlayer. After the break, we will dive into using Microsoft Cognitive Services in your Xamarin apps.

VENUE CHANGE: Please note that this session is being held at the meeting room at Country Hills Community Library, 1500 Block Line Road, Kitchener.

Turning software into computer chips – Hastlayer

Software is flexible, specialized hardware is extremely fast. So why not write software, then turn it into a computer chip? This is what Hastlayer does by transforming .NET software into electronic circuits. The result is faster and uses less power while you simply keep on writing software. You may not be able to tell just by looking at it but behind some function calls now actually embedded hardware is working! (You wonder how? Check out what FPGAs are!) In this demo-packed session we'll get an overview of what Hastlayer is, why it is useful for developers like you and how to write Hastlayer-compatible software. Zoltán will be joining us by Skype to deliver this session.

Speaker: Zoltán Lehóczky
Co-founder and managing director of Lombiq Technologies, originator of the Hastlayer project. His main expertise is in .NET software development and software architecture design. Core contributor of the ASP.NET Orchard CMS, guest lecturer at Óbuda University, John von Neumann Faculty of Informatics.

Bring AI into your Xamarin apps with Microsoft Cognitive Services

Artificial intelligence is rapidly becoming a central part of the technology we rely on today. From personal assistants like Cortana to home automation systems, we see the ways in which AI-centric solutions are all around us. Building compelling technology now requires an AI component that not many organizations have access to. Hiring AI experts is not always within the realm of possibility for businesses who are operating on tight deadlines with constrained resources. Join Lori in this session to discover how Microsoft is democratizing artificial intelligence, making it easier for everyone to incorporate AI into their solutions regardless of skill level, budget, or time constraints.

Speaker: Callon Campbell
Callon Campbell is an application architect and developer. With over 19 years of experience, he's been developing desktop, mobile and web enterprise applications using Microsoft .NET Framework, SQL Server and Azure. Callon is also the co-creator of ReflectInsight .NET Logging framework and Live Log Viewer. Callon can be reached on Twitter via @Flying_Maverick, and @DevelopAzure and has a blog at https://TheFlyingMaverick.com.

6:00 pm - Doors open
6:30 pm - Turning software into computer chips – Hastlayer
7:15pm - Break
7:25pm - Bring AI into your Xamarin apps with Microsoft Cognitive Services
8:15 - Session wrap up

Free parking is available at the library.

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