Past Meetup

IT Job Hunters


Needs a location


We will have a weekly meeting devoted to those who are job hunting in anything related to computers, programming or technology. The concept is that rather than competing against each other, we will help each other. Each week we will touch on a topic. The topics are only planned a week in advance by the group as a whole. The meeting will have a short intro, a little bit of discussion of the topic, and then some time working together on our topic. For example, if one night is on a different resume style, after discussion on that style, we would all work together to make a resume of that particular style. We might have speakers who have a lot of knowledge related to getting either a new or the next IT job.

Due to some of the members not being employed, we will be trying to meet at the libraries or other areas of little to no cost. It will vary from week to week, so watch the location. If you have a location to offer, let us know and we will happily work with you to coordinate. Please RSVP early so that if we need to adjust the room size, we can.