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We are seeking to re-open chain retail stores and are changing the format of this meet-up group to a business start-up financing co-op and a national membership association where the membership dues will finance business "start-ups" of various random nominations by paid members & Board ratification of the selected choices from other or various random members nominated submittals. The meet-up group's leader-organizer will abstain from voting on who gets financed and who doesn't. Please tell us your opinions about this probable change. CAUTION: If you want a job, or start-up capital, or Business Financing for your business; or you desire a business partner with money, - then - don't come to this meet-up without signing up ahead of time, & don't expect the organizer to be at the meet-up date & time if you don't sign up ahead of time; plus, - write 48 hours in advance, to each of the organizers - a note-message telling them that you are coming. Too many people have signed up and then never have shown up at the appointed time and date and place, thus we are instituting this policy as of now.

Central Valley “I” Tech – Inventors - Investors – Innovators - Mission Statement MOTTO:

"Doing things together collaboratively what we can not do separately as individuals."(tm)(c)


Speeding up the transfer of thought between two or more individuals, be they human or animal or both, - and do this in combination with one another so as to fulfill this mission. (tm)(c)


We are an eclectic private enterprise $capital$ investment fund & social organization (aka: human group), - looking for individuals of like mind, who may OR may not - be wealthy; but, - are interested in building, or furthering, their monetary and/or employment careers and increasing their personal investment portfolios' value. We are seeking management Jr. Partners and/or equal partner candidates - that are people who want stock options as part of their career goals and objectives. We are also seeking independent entrepreneurs to financially capitalize. We are interested in all aspects of technology, inventions, business finance capital, financial investments, real estate, construction and related high-tech building materials, entrepreneurship, unique marketing, unique approaches to sales, unique software or web development, unique electronics, or robotics, - and other products in general - especially - those involving video over the Internet, carbon fiber and/or related technology. We are very interested in fiber epoxies, nano-technology fibers of all types, aviation aircraft, personal rapid transit transportation equipment and methods (PRT), scale model and full sized kit aircraft, advanced building construction materials for real estate applications and manufacturing, carbon fiber integration into building materials, (i.e. carbon fiber reinforced foam in lightweight concrete & etc.), as well as we seek people interested in advanced building construction methods for housing and high-rise buildings, alike all revolving around carbon fiber; plus, construct advanced unique scale model and full sized marine-craft kit-boats and like marine architectural construction, plus produce and utilize advant garde' (cutting edge) building materials as both components and units or modules, (i.e. modular construction and related methods of housing) and many more etc. inter-related themes as applied to: REAL ESTATE, INTERNET, MANUFACTURING, and/or CORPORATE FINANCE MARKETS and related fields or industries and/or themes.

We seek to tie social events and business goals together in a single package, then leverage your brains and know-how into working viable PRODUCING company, sub-companies and semi-autonomous corporations that function and grow in reality, and not just be a smoke and mirrors entity. We seek to build management teams, not "lone wolf" sole proprietorship operations. We (as a group) have Special Interest Groups (aka: SIG's) so whatever your interest is in technology or business practices, be it service or manufacturing, be it virtual or real, - if you don't see it anywhere on the website now, then talk to the group's organizer - David Wells, and discuss with him your desire to start the special interest group of your interest choice or choices. :-)

We desire people that even smell anything that hints of new and/or advanced technology, thus you don't have to be a "BRAIN" or a technologist geek to join!!! :-) People with those aforementioned interests are greatly desired no matter how large or how small your interest is in this group is and/or in its goals.

We are a group where we take ACTION on ideas and don't just sit around and look at them.

HOWEVER, - you don't have to be a tech-eee to do that - and thus YOU can turn those ideas into monetary dollars for yourself and all concerned, and it can be generated by new start-ups and/or (preferably) merged eclectic oriented existing companies, either grown organically or bought (purchased) via bankruptcy and/or estate sales. Cutting edge technology, be it software, hardware, construction materials, women's wear, or whatever you might think of, as being advanced technology and/or techniques are what we are after here - and - we seek you and those kinds of like-minded people who have like interests in personal financial growth and management.

If you want to learn how to be an entrepreneur, join us. If you are already an experienced well seasoned entrepreneur - join us!!! :-) It matters not if you are a "newby" beginner or long time experienced, because we all have something we can share with each other and the "others" can gain by it. We seek to spawn and create special interest user's groups (SIG's) where people can be a part of a sub-group that centers around a specific interest, or you can just take in the whole group and absorb what everyone else is doing, just so long as you give back in an equal proportion, also, giving or contributing by openly donating or contributing to the good of the whole. In that way, we can accomplish together what we CAN NOT do separately.

We would like to challenge those who are interested in creating and building new companies, new items and/or new ideas, and new ways of doing business! We (as a group) seek to assist each other to his or her financial and emotional mental success along with our own personal success via collaboration among the group as a team. It's a complex world out there today, and we are of the philosophy that people better succeed in teams, not as lone operators; thus, - we join together to form PRIVATE ENTERPRISE companies of various types and sizes. IN THIS DAY OF MASSIVE NON-PROFITS AND STELLAR NUMBERED GOVERNMENT ENTITIES, WE ARE A RARE CREATION - seeking private enterprise and developing its related entities or enterprises.

We will meet as a group and sponsor various technology contests with prize money, then vote for the best inventor and/or invention within various pre-established classes of technology, and then seek financial sponsors or investors, venture capital, high net worth investors, and crowd funding donations, so as to fund the the winning inventors and entrepreneurs, so as to reward them for a job well done. Plus, - the group will participate in everyone's economic pursuits if requested by the "owner", and do this by taking a share percentage of ownership and and management, and thus share in any profits the inventor-owner makes from the club's group efforts. Each deal will be on a case by case basis, until a formula can be arrived at, via the group inputs, discussions, and "referee" rulings! :-) Ha! This is an experiment as a different type of investment club, rather than a conventional stock and bond investment club.

This group is for anyone who is interested in a challenge. You will challenge each other to do better. We will meet to discuss our projects. Your projects will not have to be told in detail, but then if not, then it handicaps the group from fully participating and contributing it's best efforts and ideas. The proposed scenario is:

You would first tell us what area your project or projects fall under. For example: building construction, automotive, photography, carbon fiber, video over the Internet, and etc. We then will write the information next to your name or visa versa. Once your project is complete you will show case your project in an annual or bi-annual contest and the group will select a panel of judges to decide if your project-invention would be the next best thing that the group would and could support with time and/or money and/or both. We then will find ways to challenge you to perfect your project, and pursue it to the final launch of a private enterprise company, or a license deal with some other entity producing and selling the final product.

Once all of the challenges have been met we will congratulate the winner and as a group elevate the winner up into group assistance level with possible patents and etc. This is a no fee group for now, but will change over time regarding yearly fees.

We are here to help and elevate the winners into the creation of private enterprise companies and mass production and mass marketing of their products. This group is open to anyone who is interested at this point in time, however, that may change later. We are a non discriminatory group when it comes to race, creed, religion or gender, provided it all falls within good social conduct and behavior, ruled upon by me (David Wells). We are open to EVERYONE of all ages, and invite the unusually old and the unusually young to join in and participate!

Our focus is technology, whether it be mobile development, website development, software engineering, building construction materials, nano-technology, bio-genetics, bio-phages, bio-chemistry, artistic design, 3-D printing, hybrid electric power-trains, carbon fiber aircraft, ground transportation vehicles, marine-craft, hybrid electric agricultural field tractors and etc... The type of projects we would look at would be a project such as a carbon fiber aviation unmanned aircraft photography drone, or a new way to make wine, or hybrid electric aviation kit aircraft powered by a hybrid electric power-train, or something similar or different from those examples.

The purpose of this meet-up group is to create a fun via an engaging group and projects which are based on talent and skills of the designer-engineer-technician-layman or child. If you have what it takes come join in with us! As a group we hope to support you any way we can. This group is also a way to motivate someone who may not have the means to fully develop their skills or products but have what it takes to try. We would like to welcome you!

Who should join? All those who are interested in getting together to share ideas or get feedback on projects. The type of activities that we will be doing is visiting other at tech events and working on each other's projects together. We will be meeting at the Marriott meeting rooms once in awhile and have BBQ's at each other's houses, and in the parks, etc.. We can meet at a park when it's comfortable weather and when we have those types of projects and inventions that are too massive to display practically inside of a hotel or restaurant building. If the meeting requires intense paperwork we will seek to support that aspect of any project as well. If you have any suggestions, we would like to hear them. A larger list of suggested tech projects is partially completed and yet to be completed and come to this page.

At this point in time during the formation of this group, Membership in this CVIT meet-up group is at the sole digression of the title organizer, David Wells. This policy item is subject to change without written or verbal notice.

CAUTION: If you don't sign up ahead of time, don't expect the organizer to be at the meet-up date & time.

David Wells - Group Organizer - entrepreneur, college graduate, businessman, farmer, software and systems analyst, teacher, citizen, grandfather and etc. - my biography is on this website.

To learn more about me - read and see my summarized autobiography - Cut - or - Copy & paste - the following web-page addresses for My Biography and also my Locanto Ads. For my biography see:

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