Hi-Tech Careers & Stock Ownership Options - Work re-opening 90+ Orchard Stores

Central Valley "I" Tech - Innovators, Investors, Inventors +
Central Valley "I" Tech - Innovators, Investors, Inventors +
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Every 2 weeks on Wednesday until April 28, 2020

Denny's Restaurant - 1110 E. Shaw. Ave. Fresno, Calif. 93710 - in the back North-West corner of the middle dining room

1110 E. Shaw Ave. - watch for changes because I have to confer with other people in the group about this meeting place · Fresno, CA

How to find us

Look for the signs on the tripod or - or ON THE table - in the rear corner of the MIDDLE dining room in the NorthWest Corner ON the left hand side as you walk into the restaurant.

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CAUTION: If no one signs up ahead of time, the Organizer will NOT be at the meet-up. If someone signs up - we will discuss the latest local technology topics and the participants" future career and interests. $30 to $150 to you, if - you deliver a 12 minute talk on why you would make a good manager (or investor) in a newly re-opened Orchard Supply Hardware store.

If you can --- bring at least 2 other people with you, to vouch for your verbal claims! If not - come anyway! Cash paid for a 12 minute talk about you telling us why you would be a good manager (or investor) candidate for a re-opened, re-organized and re-vamped Orchard Supply Hardware chain Store that competes against Amazon by having a fleet of mobile trucks staffed with maintenance crew teams, plus offers the staff & community tele-medicine video health-care patient-doctor conferences for employees and the nearby community individuals, plus much much more, in the pattern of PERSONALIZED services.

Our additional interests are 3-D printing, robotics, logistics, composite structured & carbon fiber building materials, magnesium oxide phosphate cement, and 22 nd. century building materials and construction methods, Share your wares & thoughts about how you & the rest of us, can make money by the re-opening of a NEW re-organized Orchard Supply Hardware company!

Discuss up-trending Hi-Tech Investment things like Magnesium Oxide Cements, lightweight high strength composite structures in building materials and real estate investments, carbon fiber and its present day and future applications, and etc. similar items like 3-D printing, sandwiched building material panels called "SIP's" and how a person can beat the average investment percent gains via these types of careers and investments.

Discussion Questions:
Can you make money faster in government service than in private enterprise?

How will a contractor builder real estate owner affect the the stock market as president?

Will there be a "building" boom?

Will there be a recession and a bankruptcy declaration by the United States government, via the U. S. government declaring a bank holiday, close all the banks for 3 days over a regular holiday weekend, and devalue the United States currency thus when the banks re-open your bank account is worth one quarter of what it was the few days before???

For a precedent case study, at what Donald Trump may be forced to do, or even do willingly; look at the sovereign country of Greece and this following cited website or others: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-07-03/the-devalued-greek-currency-has-already-arrived-it-s-the-euro

A key effect of devaluation is that it makes the domestic currency cheaper relative to other currencies. There are two implications of a devaluation. First, devaluation makes the country's exports relatively less expensive for foreigners. Second, the devaluation makes foreign products relatively more expensive for domestic consumers, thus discouraging imports. (Does this following saying ring in your ears: "Make America Great Again!"??? --- and sound like discouraging imports???) A United States monetary currency devaluation may help to increase the country's exports and decrease imports, and may therefore help to reduce the current account deficit in the balance of trade payments due to China and others. - but - "When Merrill Lynch whispers, everyone listens!"; so this currency devaluation stuff is risky business for the United States federal government and its President-to-be, whomever that might factually turn out to be.

With so many worldwide currencies devaluing, will it force the United States to devalue also, so as to remain competitive? What will happen to your personal career and/or personal estate if a bank holiday were declared? Are you hedging against such things by entering investments & a career that will be resistant to such things? THESE ARE THE QUESTIONS WE WILL DISCUSS AT THIS MEETING, AS WELL AS OTHER QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS.

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