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TL,DR: We meet, we code. Hands on. No hype. .

Welcome. This is a very specific machine learning / deep learning interest group with emphasis on computer vision mostly using neural networks architectures. Please ensure you are familiar with at least one of these two concepts before join. We don't teach machine learning, deep learning, computer vision or neural networks here. We meet weekly to code on various self-initiated OR Kaggle projects with the possibility of helping each other out and networking. If you are familiar with computer vision and specifically, application of neural networks (mostly convolutional based), come chat and share with us about what you are working on and what you aim to achieve and what problems you are running into.

Most of us are using Keras/TensorFlow/PyTorch but would love to explore other frameworks. This is a meetup for blocked off, reserved time for actual coding, thinking, reflecting and discussing respective computer vision neural network projects and share in the trench war stories during our respective ongoing journeys to apply CNN to CV (you are welcome to share how GAN deceived you and cheated on your tasks too).

There will be very few scheduled presentations about neural networks or computer visions during our meet ups (usually by members who want to give presentations about their lessons learned).

If you want to get started but have no projects, Fast.AI is a great place to start. We are also working with various industry partner to propose potentially interesting problems.

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