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August 1, 2019

Now in partnership with Creating Connection Barrie (a fully accessible space). Some programs will take place at their community centre place located at 12 Chase McEachern Way (at the bottom of Bayfield St., next to the parking lot across the street from the Salvation Army).


In House Programs Include:

Peer to Peer Support Group
Guided Watercolour Workshop
FREE Income Tax Services in Partnership with Canada Revenue - By Appointment Only

Launching in May - StopGap Barrie Ramp Project

Outreach Programs Include:

YMCA - Barrie - Sahaja Yoga Meditation - Tuesdays - 7pm to 8:30pm
YMCA - Karate - Contact Ken - http://www.facebook.com/KenShinBudoKai/
Tai Chi - Contact George -

September 7th, 2018


—A CENTRE for People with ANY Disability--

Founded in 1986, INDEPENDENT LIVING CANADA is the National Umbrella Organization and Non-Profit Association representing and coordinating a network of 25 Independent Living Centres (ILC) member agencies across Canada, with 12 in Ontario, and none between Toronto and Collingwood— CWC BARRIE ANNOUNCES PHASE 1 OF THE ACCREDITATION PROCESS FOR IL CANADA MEMBER AGENCY STATUS.

“The focus of Independent Living Centres is to support clients with a variety of disabilities to participate more actively in the community through the development of life skills, social networks, peer supports and recreational activities. The Independent Living Philosophy can be found at www.ilcanada.ca (http://www.ilcanada.ca/).

1 in 5 Canadians are expected to have a disability by 2036 - Municipal World, JULY 2018

FACTS (just below) prepared by the Centre for Independent Living Toronto

• In 2012 about 3.8 million people, or 13.7% of Canadians aged 15 and older, reported being limited in their daily activity because of a disability.

The results come from the Canadian Survey on Disability, 2012 (CSD)
• Currently, 1 in 7 people or 1.85 million Ontarians have a disability

• By 2036, as the population ages, 1 in 5 Ontarians will have a disability and people with disabilities will represent 40% or $536 billion of the total income in Ontario.
• Roughly 1 million (43.8%) of working age adults with disabilities are unable to work. Those who are employed have lower incomes than people without disabilities, despite having similar education levels: the average employment income for working-age adults with disabilities is 22.5% lower than the average employment income for working age adults without disabilities.

CORE Programs of Independent Living Centres:
Information and Referral
Peer Support
Independent Living Skills Training and Development
Service Development

www.cwcbarrie.com (http://www.cwcbarrie.com/)

Yolanda Gallo, Executive Director (705) 241-5488:

Upcoming events (5+)

Peer to Peer Social for People with Disabilities

Barrie By The Bay - Door Number 5 - Room 345 (The ED Gilbert Room)

Providing Individuals with Social Interaction and Discussion. A group for individuals with any (dis)ability, dealing with daily life circumstances and challenges to openly discuss ideas and concerns. What is a (dis) ability? Any disability, for us, refers to any physical, emotional, mental, voluntary, involuntary state that impedes the quality of daily life due to the daily changes we face in all aspects of our lives. We are firm believers that not every disability is visible, and support and understanding among peers is essential. As an organization, providing a safe space in which individuals may gather to fulfill social interaction and self-exploration is fundamental. With the facilitation of trained individuals, and the ideas for the program coming from the group members, we are certain this group will be a positive experience for all involved. This group discussion is meant to be therapeutic in nature, but it is not therapy. We have identified a demand for a safe space for individuals to discuss problems and struggles, and triumphs, and this is the sole purpose of the group. This group is designed to be exactly what group members would want and need. Facilitated by Georgian College Social Service Service Worker Placements In Partnership with The Gilbert Centre and Georgian College Social Service Worker Program.

Guided Water-Colour with Cathy Wild

Barrie By the Bay Plaza

Cathy Wild, a Barrie resident, began painting as therapy in April 2016. This was the journey of self discovery after brain surgery. She finds this practice a mixture of; stimulation, reflection, thought provocation, peaceful calm, relaxation and mindfulness. Being a self-proclaimed artist, she now volunteers her time teaching others to paint as well, (while continuing her own recovery.) Some of her art has been on display at The Edge Gallery and The Barrie Art Club. A nominal fee of $2.00 for Members $5.00 for Non Members is charged for each session. All are welcome to attend this drop-in, watercolour art class from 1:00pm - 3:00pm Tuesdays to explore their artistic abilities. The Class is held at 80 Bradford Street Barrie in Partnership with Nexim Healthcare Consultants. Room 148 - Enter Door number 1 and go to the very end of the hall. For more info contact Cathy Wild Directly: Email: [masked] Ph:[masked]

CWC-ILC - Outreach BodyTalk Applied Contact Cherie Directly

Contact Cherie Directly:[masked] https://www.bodytalksystem.com/practitioners/details.cfm?id=2402 Open to the general public. This is a weekly event to connect with the professional practitioners. The focus is on: Health Empowerment on all levels. Practitioners will present short talks, Q n’ A sessions and demonstrations to help you learn extraordinary technique's and exercises to motivate the body’s own ability to heal itself. * 10 Ways to Start Taking Control. * Access Techniques to Optimum Health. * Am I Depressed? * Balance Your Immune System. * Balancing the Brain, (our master controller). * Birth Vivaxis: Your Body’s Life-line. * Books, Books & more Books! * Breathe of Life. * Chakras: What are they? * Colour, how it helps. * Digestive System / the food we eat. * E-Motion and Your Feet. * En-Visioning. * Finding More in Life. * Happy as You Want to Be? * Health Empowerment. * Heart Health. * How to Break out of a Bad Mood. * How to Deal with Loneliness. * Hugs n’ Smiles. * Importance of Hydration. * Impossible is Just a Word. * Laughter - the best medicine! * Life is About Choices. * Listen to Your BodyTalk. * Making New Friends. * Meditation Made Easy. * Meridians And Your Organ Systems. * Movement and Dance. * Music the Universal Language. * Our Vehicle - The Human Body. * Reiki: Energy Medicine. * Self Esteem: How is Yours? * Vision Board: Try it! * Wei Qi: (Keeping your body’s first line of defense healthy) * Whispers of Wisdom. * You CAN change your Life. AND much MUCH more! Help yourself to a variety of delicious teas and listen to informative talks presented by resident professionals at the CWC. Donations accepted to cover costs. Hosted and coordinated by: Cherie Carpenter, Cara Cooper, Susan Strong, Sariyana-Lyn

FREE Sahaja Yoga Meditation every week, every Tues evening at 7pm

Sahaja Yoga is a scientific experiment that allows you to tap into your own subtle energy system. In time you will gain peace and calming to maintain your own health and wellness. At Sahaja Yoga Free Meditation it is all about you and becoming a calmer 'you' a more at peace 'you' without even knowing it's happening. It is experienced and felt. Everyone welcome - including kids. Learn how to awaken your own Kundalini energy to align your Chakras, and help you cope with stress, anxiety, depression and fatigue. Every Tuesday evening from 7 - 9 pm! FREE! All are welcome to drop in!

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