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Let’s vibe!
Allow your soul to move your physical body into the shapes and forms that are necessary for you to fully experience the cacao medicine In all it’s beauty.

As we flow with the music we give ourselves permission to fully BE!

With an open heart allow your self to surrender to the creation and movement of dance, opening up to the teachings of the cacao spirit.

Cacao is a beautiful heart-opening plant medicine that can help you access deep parts of yourself which are calling for your attention. It's soft and nurturing and can help you get in touch with and release old emotional, physical and mental blocks that no longer serve you to hold on to and welcome in more joy, more love and more magic in their place.

And we will be using the best of the best, Keith's Cacao, direct from 'The Chocolate Shaman' and the original ceremonial cacao.

In combination with dancing cacao brings a whole new depth of connection to yourself, to the music and to the movement. It helps stuck energies find their way out through the dance from a place of love and celebration, and creates a sacred container, allowing the dance itself to become a ceremony.

We will create space before and after the dance to drop in to silence, to honour cacao and spend some time with her in heart-focused meditation.

Paula, aka Heart Tribe Cacao, has been working deeply with cacao for many years in Guatemala, with the man behind the worldwide cacao resurgence, Keith Wilson aka 'The Chocolate Shaman'. She leads cacao ceremonies, cacao dance and cacao yoga in Dublin and is absolutely in love with this medicine which has been so aptly named 'The Food for The Shift'

A crystal child, Heidi was guided to Guatemala in 2017, here she worked intimately with a Mayan Shaman absorbing the ways of the Cacao medicine. Through her love of dance and movement she combines the two together liberating and expanding humans in all four corners of the globe.

Heidi and Paula first met in a cacao ceremony in Guatemala and their very first conversation was about creating a cacao dance! Both are extremely passionate about bringing this beautiful medicine to the world and helping hearts to open.

So come dance, come connect, come experience cacao in a sacred container of celebration!

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