Attention models in deep learning - Dr. Tamir Hazan

Details is coming to Israel!

The first event will take place in our group, on Caesarea on March 3rd.

The event will start with a welcome video by Andrew Ng and will be followed by Tamir Hazan's lecture.

Tamir is a Co-Founder at Sunbit and Head of Machine Learning Data Lab at Technion.

18:00-18:15 - Beers, snacks and mingling
18:15-19:15 Attention models in deep learning - Dr. Tamir Hazan.
19:15-19:45 Q&A and open discussion

This is a community meetup in collaboration with
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About the lecture:

In this talk I will present basic ideas about deep learning, starting from multi-layer perceptrons (MLPs) and convolutional neural networks (CNNs). This achieves human performance on many visual recognition tasks and recurrent neural networks for learning sequences (speech and natural language signals).
If time permits, I will explain about attention models and present some recent research on how to combine all signals to create a dialog system.