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Astrologer Night: $20 each for up to six 20-minute readings

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On Astrologer Nights, we have various astrologers, each of whom practices a different "flavor" of Astrology. You can get a 20-minute reading for $20. You can then, if you want, see another astrologer and get a 20-minute reading from them for another $20. Or, if you want to continue a reading, and the astrologer isn't already booked for a later session, you can add $20 for each 20 minutes. However you want to work it, you can get readings throughout the two hour event.

Sometimes our customers like to do multiple readings, and ask different astrologers the same questions, to see what common info comes up in the different interpretations. Others like to get a full-hour reading for $60. And some customers like to "taste" all the different kinds of Astrology over the course of a number events, and then schedule private meetings with the readers they resonate with the most.

For Astrology readings, it's best if you have all of your birth information: the date, the place you were born, and the exact time (down to the minute). If you don't know the time, you can check your birth certificate or ask your parents. If you don't have your birth certificate, you can check with the city of your birthplace and ask for a copy from their department of records. But don't worry, even if you can't find the exact time, we can still help you. We have at least two astrologers who have special tools that work when no time is available, and the others who read charts can still give you quite a lot of information about yourself even without the exact birth time.

We're starting our new Astrologer Nights with this offer: we will keep track of which astrologers you've seen. Once you've tried them all, you get a free 20-minute reading from the astrologer of your choice.