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Cafe Conversation - French language conversation group Meetup

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Price: €15.00 /per person

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Enjoy 1 1/2 hours of French conversation practice in an informal environment at the café

Cafe Conversation is a French conversation group that meets

Tuesday 10:15 - 11:45am

Thursday 3pm - 4:30pm

Fridays 11am - 12:30pm

Saturday 11am - 12:30

Sundays 3:30pm - 5pm

always in a cafe in central Paris.

This will be an opportunity for French learners of all levels to practise their French and have a native speaker correct their mistakes and help improve your French language skills.

The course is 100% in French! There is NO English at the course. This is NOT a language exchange meetup (if you are looking for a English/French language exchange in Paris you can find many elsewhere on Meetup) .

This group is for non-native French speakers learning French. Please do NOT RSVP "yes" to this group if French is your mother tongue. If you are French and would like to become an "animateur/trice" then please email me (you will get free English courses in exchange).

The cafe that we use will change reglularly (suggestions welcome).

The group will be lead by a group leader (an animator/animatrice) who is a native French speaker. Places are limited! We want to keep the group small so everyone has a chance to speak.

Although this should be an enjoyable event we take learning French seriously so you might want to bring a pen and some paper to make notes and a dictionary.

You need to reserve your place. I will send you the location of the event.

Our pricing policy is to encourage people to come regularly so you can save by buying a carnet.

First time session 10 euros (ONLY if paid in advance online)

First session 15 euros paid at café.

1 session paid at the café = 20 Euros

1 session paid in advance on the LetThemTalk website or a week in advance at the café = 16 Euros.

Carnet of tickets for any 5 sessions = 67.50 Euros (valid for 3 months*). Paid at the café or on the LetThemTalk website

Carnet of tickets for any 10 sessions = 120 Euros (valid for 6 months*). Paid at the café or on the LetThemTalk website.


If it is your first time you either need to pay in advance or to send us a message or an sms to[masked] confirming your attendance the day before the course. The reason for this is because we've had so many cases of people signing up "Yes" but not turning up to the course.

Reservations are limited to 7 (14 if we have 2 animateurs) If you sign up "yes" but later find that you can't make it then you must change your RSVP to "No". The number of animateurs is based on the number of reservations.

You can pay here (

*If a group is cancelled for holidays or any other reason we will extend the validity of the tickets.

Some photos are on the flickr page


Cafe Conversation Cercle de Conversation en français

Mardi 10h15 - 11h45

Jeudi - 15h - 16h30

Vendredi - 11h - 12h30

Samedi 11h - 12h30

Dimanche 15h30 - 17h

Profitez de 90 minutes de conversation française dans une ambiance détendue dans le café. Il y aura un animateur/trice francophone qui corrige les erreurs et guide la conversation. Le lieu peut changer d’une séance à l’autre mais quel que soit l’endroit vous pratiquerez beaucoup le français et ferez la connaissance de personnes intéressantes.

Le but de ce groupe est de donner à ces participants (de tous niveaux, sauf débutant) la possibilité de pratiquer le français et d’être corrigé.

Dans ce groupe on parle 100% en français

Niveau: A partir de faible intermediaire.

Réservations obligatoire

Premier cours 10 euros (uniquement si payé en avance)

Premier cours 15 euros si payé au café

• 1 cours - 20 Euros payé a la séance

• 1 cours – 16 Euros payé d'avance en ligne au formulaire de réservation
• Carnet de 5 cours - 67,50 Euros et valables 3 mois (payé en ligne ou a la séance).

• Carnet de 10 cours - 120 Euros et valables 6 mois (payé en ligne ou a la séance).

(consommations au café non incluses - merci de faire au moins une consommation)

Les réservations sont limitées à 7 participants (ou 14 si on a 2 animateurs). Toutefois, à cause de problèmes antérieurs de personnes ayant réservé mais ne s’étant pas présentées, ceux et celles qui auront payé leur participation en ligne auront la priorité sur les personnes qui s’en acquittent au café. En cas d’annulation, vous avez le choix entre le remboursement à 100% ou le report de votre participation à un autre week-end.

Est possible de payer en avance ici (