What we're about

Café Philo is a way of meeting interesting, inquiring people who enjoy talking about life's big issues and conundrums in a convivial atmosphere in the Poole, Bournemouth and Christchurch areas.

We meet regularly in cafés, pubs and other suitable venues to discuss all manner of philosophical, moral and ethical topics, not to mention current affairs and other relevant matters of the moment. Some conversations touch on the profound whilst others decidedly don't. Our discussions are non-party-political and free of religious or ideological dogma. We encourage a healthy mix of the serious and humorous so you can be guaranteed a lively, stimulating evening.

We're not academics or experts - just ordinary people from a variety of backgrounds who share a common interest in exchanging ideas about things which matter in life and meeting like-minded people. If you're a heavy-duty philosopher you may find this group a bit lightweight. For anybody else, come along and get stuck into a decent conversation over a coffee or beer.

Past events (205)

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Arcado Lounge

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The Moon in the Square

Competition or cooperation?

Brewhouse and Kitchen - Poole

Do the unborn have rights?

Brewhouse and Kitchen - Bournemouth

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