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A meeting for all kinds of people to have intellectual discussions about important things in life, based on the Socrates Cafe format

This is the new Socrates Cafe experience in San Diego. The experience is somewhat different than other groups because we don't know what subject will be discussed until we show up–we vote on subjects suggested by the attendees, discuss the winning subject and will sometimes conclude by discussing the runner-up subject

In general, this meeting will meet every Wednesday, from 7 to 9 pm, at Zia's on Adams Ave. However, I do expect to occasionally hold meetings on different days, including the weekend, for people that are not available Wednesday evening, so please feel free to message me w/ your preference for when a meeting would be held! This group is meant to meet irl

“Offensive” ideas are allowed & there are no “stupid” questions

Example Subjects:

— Has America generally been good or evil?
— Why do people have rights?
— Is affluence causing people to become too soft?
— What should be done about climate change?
— “I didn't choose the thug life, the thug life chose me”
— What is our relationship to other animals?
— Is society a meritocracy?
— Should there be a Universal Basic Income?
— Is there a special kind of morality for politicians??
— What is religion?
— What is the value of the Union? (i.e. re: secession)

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