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A community for kubernauts in Cairo!
Kubernauts are people interested in talking about and hacking on Kubernetes. We’re excited about microservices, containers, the distributions that run them and the solutions that deploy, manage, and extend them. Any skill level is welcome.

Contact us if you are interested in speaking at or sponsoring the meet-up. We welcome content and demos.

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Cairo Kubernetes Meetup (September)2021

Online event

#CairoKubernetesmeetup is driven by Egyptian geek engineers who would like to share their experience and drive more adoption of the open-source cloud-native technologies.

Join Cairo Kubernetes meetup to expand your knowledge, connect with fellow DevOps and developers, and find your next project or opportunity!

7:00 pm – Running Kubernetes at scale

Mr.Ahmed Elbakery– Sr SRE/Kubernetes cloud Architect (Berlin)

Ahmed is working as a Sr SRE in the Kubernetes Platform team at Wayfair. His day-to-day work is to maintain our Kubernetes clusters which run thousands of applications. Also, He tries to provide the best developer experience to our developers by automating as much as we can by developing controllers, operators, webhooks, etc. He and his team are responsible for everything related to running the applications on Kubernetes such as CI/CD, Monitoring, Policies, and Scaling.

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We are always in need of speakers who are eager to share their experience and knowledge with everyone else. Tell us about your story in our monthly meet up!
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Cairo Kubernetes Meetup (August)2021

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