What we're about

Welcome to Cairo Group! We are a diverse group of individuals - some active (and some passive) who enjoy perhaps quieter events, but most of all we enjoy meeting new and interesting people. Our aim is to have safe social fun in all activities, without spending too many $$!

If you are new to Cairo then we will welcome you to join us. If you signed up a long time ago and didn’t attend any meetups then join us for future meetings, or better still, everyone is allowed to suggest some nice locations, events or activities?

Please don’t sign up for events you have no intention to attend or do last minute cancellation. RSVP cutoff is 2 days before the event. We are ALL only interested in committed people in life! Team players are most welcome too! (One person alone cannot achieve everything, but TOGETHER we can achieve a lot! Try it!)

As group Organizer, I’m actually new here in Cairo and I decided to take up leadership of this group so I could meet new people. As a kind facilitator my philosophy is that this is YOUR platform to meet and enjoy good, safe times doing the things we like. This is where the teamwork comes in..😉

I would also like to ‘enable’ funds for people or teams who are looking to start a business. This gives opportunities for those to realize their dreams. I envisage commercial as well as marketing support being available from our members at all stages...

If your company (or the company you work for) has products or services to market to this group, then please contact me in the first instance for the required approvals.

I am also looking for company sponsorship as well as donations from companies for fund raising for these entrepreneurial projects - it will all be managed by me very carefully with no charge.

See you soon, or message me!

Upcoming events (5+)

Get Fit Belly 💃 Dancing! Ladies only

Location visible to members

Belly Dancing is a great way to get fit! **Ladies sessions only**. If you never tried then I’m sure you will enjoy! Please note this is a first come first served event - need 10 women to make it happen 😉 There will be a small charge for room rental, but we need to see interest first to make it happen 👍

How to make 💵 money?

Cafe Supreme Riverwalk

How to make money? Well I can spend it easily right?, but making it is hard and perhaps you don’t know what to do? I’ll give you some useful tips and also challenge your way of thinking...

3D Printing Special & Giza Pyramids Meetup Event!


Special trip to the ’Pyramids of Giza’ followed by a 3D Printing spectacular demo by our very own Osama Ma’mon! Includes a special surprise and proposal for Meetup members and Entrepreneurs 😉 Since the trip is far, we are looking for careful drivers with cars (and maybe aircon 🥵) to help get us there...obviously we will help you with $ donations for fuel) 🙏 Artists, explorers, historians and learned people are very welcome! As well as people who can communicate with the natives and camels please! 😉

Spectacular Sunset & Campfire over Cairo

Mokattam korneish

Want to see the best sunset over Cairo and toast marshmallows over a real campfire, whilst under the stars? Well, this awesome photo was taken by one of our newest members Mohanad. Isn’t it so cool? So, bring your torches, winter jackets, barbecue sticks and yummy 😋 marshmallows (extra ones for me please!) for an awesome evening and perhaps some live Oud Music entertainment too! Again, we are looking for responsible safe drivers to help with getting us to the location. Various pickup points around Cairo to be arranged...Thanks in advance (every little help is much appreciated)

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