What we're about

Anyone who has wondered about the following questions will benefit from our meetup sessions:

What's the point of my life repeating the same activities day in, day out?
Who am I?
Why is it that my happiness in life never lasts?
I've done many kind acts but they all have backfired on me. What else should I do?
Is life a series of gains and then losses?
Why do we hear so many bad news? How to live a fulfilling life in spite of the negativity that surrounds us.
Buddhism is a practice and it is actually through practice that you learn how it empowers your life to be all that you can be and reach your full potential.

A good teacher is necessary to walk us through the process because there’s more to Buddhism than meditation or watching YouTube videos. First and foremost, listening to the unchanging Dharma is the key and so we have regular Dharma talks followed by questions and answers.

Join us for an informal introduction session and let's get to know each other.

If you have questions about how Buddhism helps with a particular situation in your daily life, feel free to post them here or pm me and I will
make sure to cover them one by one as we advance in our studies.

Please buy some food or drink from Panera Bread to contribute to their business.

This meetup event is free to attend but any amount of donation is gladly accepted to cover our meetup costs. In Buddhism donations are part of the giving Paramita and aren’t measured by the amount but by your desire to contribute to a greater cause than just yourself.

One last thing is please pm me your contact information if you want to keep in touch. Also not mandatory, but I suggest the following book for our meetup studies if it's possible for you to get it: https://www.amazon.com/Plant-Seeds-Happiness-Flowers-Bloom/dp/0989847713

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