Serverless Meets AI & ML


For October's Meetup we'll be talking about how "Serverless Meets AI & ML" with a presentation by Jonathan Dion, Senior Technical Evangelist at AWS. Learn how you can produce actionable insights with AWS SageMaker and AWS Amplify!

6:00pm - Arrival, mingling, pizza eating
6:30pm - Presentation Begins
7:30pm - Q&A and Open Group Discussions
8:00pm - Event concludes

In this session, we will look at how AWS Amplify can be used to build a brand new web application to do speech to text generation, to translate text, to gain insights from text, to do text to speech, and to detect objects via the Amazon Transcribe, Amazon Translate, Amazon Comprehend, Amazon Polly and Amazon Rekognition respectively. With only a few lines a code, you can interact with any of those services.

We will then use Amazon SageMaker to label, train and deploy our own model against which we will make predictions from the web application using the AWS Amplify API category.

No prior Amazon SageMaker or AWS Amplify knowledge required. Only bring your passion for technology!

Jonathan Dion, Senior Technical Evangelist at AWS

Presenter Bio:
Jonathan Dion is a Senior Technical Evangelist from Toronto that's been working for AWS for over 3 years. He engages the broad community of developers and IT professionals by speaking at events and writing content to showcase the transformational capabilities of AWS. Over the last decade, Jonathan has worked as a Developer, System Administrator, Network Designer and Solution Architect for many enterprises. Sharing his passion and knowledge of technology has been his mission since he joined the field of IT.