Experiments in Empowerment


Empowered teams boast increased levels of responsibility and engagement while allowing organizations to tap into the collective power of every individual's ideas. But what does it take to foster a culture that breaks free of the leader-follower mindset and what does an empowered team look like? Hear from the current leadership, alumni and the empowered teams themselves at Oildex as they take you through their breakthrough realization and a decade of real-world experimentation in team empowerment. You'll hear how Oildex's teams themselves propel this culture forward and the radical plans they have for future experiments.


Brock Argue is the Enterprise Agile Coach who introduced Oildex to Agile. Fengying Zhang is a ScrumMaster and Senior Developer with 8 years of experience from the Oildex trenches. Wing Gee has over a decade of experience in the software industry in a wide range of roles from team member to senior leader and now Agile Coach at Oildex. Erkan Kadir is an Agile Coach with 8 years of perspective into Oildex's Agile journey. Oildex provides supply chain automation solutions for oil and gas companies.

Additional Information

Come at 6pm and enjoy complimentary food and refreshments. The session itself runs from 6:30pm to 7:30pm with a question period and networking afterwards. We're in the Atrium at as soon as you walk in the front doors. Parking is free in front of the building after 5pm!

Special thanks to our sponsors Innovate Calgary for the venue, eCompliance, Quadrus Development Inc., and Brightspot Consulting for the food and refreshments.