Love.js by S.M. Sohan and Tyler Mercier

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Abstract and Agenda:

If you loved JavaScript just a little, it will surely love you back. And you two will live happily ever after. This talk will introduce you to the Object Oriented JavaScript principles that I have found to be very effective in writing simple and testable Javascript code. The session will cover:

Object Oriented JavaScript Unit testing Running tests in CI CoffeeScript examples (and our opinion about it!) You will also see a live demonstration of test driven JavaScript development. This session will be interactive, so you are highly encouraged to share your Javascript stories along the way.

About S.M. Sohan:

S.M. is a Senior Consultant at ThoughtWorks ( with six years of experience building public domain web and enterprise applications. He likes to craft his code in Ruby and JavaScript, but he also spent a fair amount of happy time writing C#/Java applications. His open source .Net project MvcMailer has seen 17,000+ downloads. When not coding, Sohan enjoys talking to people, playing soccer, tennis, and watching TV. Online, he can be found at: , @smhohan (,

About Tyler Mercier:

Tyler is a software developer for ThoughtWorks based in Calgary, Alberta. He is passionate about improving the way we make web applications and pushing technology forward. He has worked in numerous industries and platforms. Most recently he has been working on an HTML5 realtime reporting engine locally. Online, he can be found at: , @TylerMercier (,

Additional Details:

This is the first session in the Fall/Winter CAMUG season, and we're delighted to have S.M. and Tyler presenting on JavaScript, it sounds like a great session. Come at 6.00 and enjoy complementary refreshments. The session itself runs from 6.30 to 7.30. Please note that this year's sessions are in a different location from last year -- ICT 516. Also, our regular night will be Thursday.


Thanks to the University of Calgary for contributing the use of facilities and Intellog Inc. ( for providing refreshments.