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Welcome to the Calgary Amateur Photographers meetup group!

This group is a safe and welcoming place for all photographers, with a strong focus on helping amateur and new photographers develop their skills and confidence. There is a great photographer in everyone, but learning to master your camera and take great photos, takes time and experience. By participating in the meetups in this group, you will find a friendly network of people.

In this group, all members are expected to be helpful towards other members and share advice, constructive criticism, and treat each other with respect. We have excellent event hosts who work hard to put on interesting meetings, and as a member, anybody, of any skill level is welcome to host a meeting.

It's all about fun, learning, and the love of photography.

You will find a variety of free, almost free, and paid meetups.

I try to post a free meetup whenever I can, and so do some of the members. They fill up fast.

The 'almost free' meetups are where there is a small charge to attend, and the charge is intended to ensure attendance. Because if people pay, then they generally attend, but with free meetups there are often a lot of no-shows. Finally there are meetups that are actual classes or workshops, and they are charged accordingly.

Anyone in the group can host meetups and if just 1% of member host a meetup once per year, that would work out to be 2-3 meetups per month, so consider hosting a meetup. Please contact the group organizer if you are interested in doing so.

We are a very busy group in the spring, summer, and fall, but during the winter it really slows down. So if it's winter and you don't see a lot going on, remember to keep checking back as things pick up when the weather improves:-)

Thank you for visiting and hope to see you at a meetup.


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Milky Way Photography in August at Policeman Creek

Policeman Creek


PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE SIGNING UP FOR THIS EVENT, THANK YOU. NOTE: TO SOME MEMBERS WHO ARE NOT PARTICIPATING FOR THIS EVENT. PLEASE THERE IS "NO NEED" TO PUT YOUR NAME TO NOT GOING. IT'S PRETTY SIMPLE TO UNDERSTAND IF YOUR NAME IS NOT ON THE LIST OF GOING IT MEANS YOU ARE NOT GOING. MEMBERS ARE NOT OBLIGED TO DO SO. THE OPTION OF NOT GOING IS ONLY USE WHEN YOU ALREADY SIGNED UP TO GOING AND SOME IMPORTANT THING CAME UP AND YOU NEED TO CANCEL. THANK YOU FOR YOUR KIND UNDERSTANDING AND CONSIDERATION. What We'll Do: Another Milky Way for the Month of August. Open to all members and knows the basics of their cameras. If you're just starting photography there are open classes CAPG offers, I highly recommend you to take for very reasonable prices. Night photography is interesting. This is a paid meet up to help the group to run and maintain the website. And if by any chance I will cancel this meetup for any reason especially the weather that I have no control of I will inform every member ahead of time and get you refunded. First come First serve. If the meet up reaches the maximum sign up I will close the RSVP and any member who is interested may wait for a spot to be open. I would love to accommodate every member but when you are in a dark area it's not easy to keep everyone's safety. Here's a link to give you more information regarding the milky way photography. https://www.davemorrowphotography.com/p/tutorial-shooting-night-sky.html NOTE: PHOTO NOT MINE JUST TO GIVE YOU IDEA. What To Bring: Your preferred camera DSLR, mirrorless or micro four-thirds. A wide-angle lens with a big aperture like 2.8 or lesser. Tripod, extra batteries/memory card, headlamps with red light, a small flashlight, Intervalometer remote timer, any camping chair, food/snack, water, hot or cold drinks, bug spray. Bring an extra jacket or coat cause it gets really cold during the night or wear clothes in layers. Important To Know: This is going to be a small group. Members can bring one guest for company. If you want to get a better vantage point, members please go in groups of three and please inform other members where you are going, for everyone's safety please stay within the group. It's bear season. If you have a bear spray bring it. And if you are done for the night please let the event organizer or other members you are leaving. I want everyone to go home safely as much as possible. At this time of covid-19 pandemic, I am not recommending any carpool until this situation is over and done. I apologize to members who needs carpooling. We still need the 6ft distancing to avoid contact and please wear a face mask. Wearing A face mask is essential if you don't I will not let any member to join the event. I will strictly enforce this. Reminder: PLEASE BE ON TIME. Give yourself extra time so we can start exactly at 11pm. We will all meet at the parking lot before proceeding to the creek, For late attendees you have to go on your own cause I have no time to come back for you. Liability Waiver: By participating in this event, you assume all risk and responsibility for any damages or personal injury that may occur, for any reason and personal injury liability from COVID-19. By attending this meetup, you agree to waive the leadership team, including organizers, and event organizers from any liability or injury, loss, or damage to personal properties associated the activities or location of this event.

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