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What we’re about

Welcome to the Calgary Amateur Photographers meetup group!

This group is a safe and welcoming place for all photographers with a strong focus on helping amateur and new photographers develop their skills and confidence. There is a great photographer in everyone, but learning to master your camera and take great photos takes time and experience. By participating in the meetups in this group you will find a friendly network of people.

In this group, all members are expected to be helpful towards other members and share advice, constructive criticism, and treat each other with respect. We have excellent event hosts who work hard to put on interesting meetings, and as a member, anybody, of any skill level is welcome to host a meeting. Please contact the leadership team to discuss your event ideas.

It's all about fun, learning, and the love of photography.

You will find a variety of free, almost free, and paid meetups here. I try to post a free meetup whenever I can, and so do some of the members. They fill up fast.

The 'almost free' meetups are where there is a small charge to attend, and the charge is intended to ensure attendance. Because if people pay, then they generally attend, but with free meetups there are often a lot of no-shows. Finally, there are meetups that are actual classes or workshops, and they are charged accordingly. If you're a professional and want to host a paid event then please contact the group organizer to discuss your ideas.

Anyone in the group can host free meetups. And, if just 1% of members host a meetup once per year that would work out to be 2-3 meetups per month, so consider hosting an meetup event. Please contact the group organizer if you are interested in doing so.

We are a very busy group in the spring, summer, and fall, but during the winter it really slows down. So if it's winter and you don't see a lot going on, remember to keep checking back as things pick up when the weather improves:-)

Thank you for visiting and hope to see you at a meetup.