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***** This meetup is on pause until further notice****

If you're like me and want to spend time in the mountains with like-minded people admiring the majesty of God's creation then this may be the right group for you. I am NOT a trained guide and have only been hiking for the last year or so, but I continue to fall madly in love with our neighboring natural landscapes. Jesus himself often went to the mountain tops to pray to his Father, and I can’t help but want to do the same. I made this group to create a safe space to talk openly about our faith, encourage each other with our testimonies and basically open up a travelling roofless church with the opportunity for bible study and prayer.

All people are welcome. This group is not exclusive to just Christians. Even as a Christian, I am aware of the several denominations and differences in doctrine, but I think it's beautiful to set these aside and just focus on our awesome God, Father of Christ when we are in His creation. So I ask everybody in the group to be aware and respectful of these differences. And If you're not a Christian....well, I know you will still be welcomed enthusiastically and it is a great setting to spend quality time talking to people if you are curious about this subject.

I pace myself somewhere between slow and moderate. I still enjoy challenging hikes and will happy to go with at the pace of the slowest person in a group, which might end up being me anyways. I usually hike on Saturday and make sure it's an all-day commitment, so that we aren't rushing. We can bring a bible and read some scripture close to the end point of each trail. Play some worship music while eating lunch. If the group is less than 4 people then the event will be canceled.

If you have some suggestions as to what hikes we can do, please comment or start a discussion. I am open to anything. I just want to hike.

This group is brand new and I understand that I don’t post as many hikes as people would like. If anyone is willing to be an organizer and wants to arrange their own hikes within this group, I encourage you to commit to a couple of my planned hikes so that I can get to know you and learn to trust your capabilities.

*I REPEAT. I am not a trained guide or spiritual leader of any sort. I don't have expensive equipment and can barely remember my first aid training. I am an out of shape receptionist with value village gear. It's every man for himself out there. Everyone is responsible for bringing their own equipment and researching the trail for themselves. I am just an organizer that wants to bring people together.

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