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Share a bottle of the WORLD'S STRONGEST BEER!!
Some of you know me; and some of you know that I am a rather 'eccentric' beer collector. I have in my beer cabinet, nearly 100 different bottles of beer at any one time. I like novelty beer; specialty beer, and anything that's not-the-usual... A couple of years ago, I stumbled across the BrewDog Brewery in Scotland. They have produced, over the years, the STRONGEST BEER IN THE WORLD several times, as breweries try to outdo each other. Amongst the heavy-duty ones that BrewDog has made: -Tokyo - 18% ABV -Tactical Nuclear Penguin - 32% ABV -Sink the Bismarck - 41% ABV *I have a bottle of all three of these, waiting for the right people to share them with! -their 2012 concoction, the End of History, was a staggering 55% - but at $1,000+ per bottle, I could not justify placing an order... good thing I didn't want to - they only made 12! Not 12 casks... 12 bottles! Not to be outdone, though, another Scottish brewery has made yet another leap forward in the record books. Rolled out in October, 2012, the Brewmeister Armageddon is sold in 330mL bottles - same size as a can of Coke - but packs a punch that would require a half-dozen people to drink it. At 65% ABV (that's 130-proof!), it's as strong, or stronger, than many spirits.[masked]/Brewmeister-Armageddon/[masked] Stay tuned for more info... as I'm ordering one for early 2013 delivery!

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The Calgary Church Of Beer is designed to let the true beerficianado gather to eat, drink (beer!), and be merry.

It is for those who enjoy a glass (or bottle, can or keg) and can honestly appreciate it!

About once a month, I aim to check out Calgary's best pubs, bierhausen, bars & restaurants, to seek out the best ambience, grub, pizza and (of course) beer!

We will explore our local breweries on tours, enjoy tasting sessions, and generally savour the amber gold that is beer.

We are a multi-denominational "Church" (no offence intended!!), where the faithful from all orders are accepted without prejudice.

We accept ladies as well; we needs nuns and priestesses!

You will join this group as a Novice (studying for the Beerhood), and through patience, vows of hops and barley, you shall rise through the ranks, to become Bishops, Abbotts, Acharyas, Sheikhs, even Witches; and others.

The Gods in our Church are to be known to members only!

(But let's just say, breweries are considered holy ground).

A small offering ($1 per meetup) will go towards funding the efforts of the Calgary Church of Beer ("the Church") to provide a fun, enjoyable, friendly, social atmosphere.

...and if you don't think you can remember the part of the name, just remember and it'll bring you right here!

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