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This group is for those who choose to live life in a conscious way, and who want to meet others who are also interested in creating and nurturing healthy conscious relationships.

It's for people who are open to welcoming in more joy, passion, and love. It’s for those who long for meaningful connections, more awareness and mindfulness, and to find others who share the intention of entering into relationships as a way to grow and a place to practice love.

It’s for people who are willing to learn, grow, and expand. People who want to honestly look at what’s holding them back and who have a willingness to let go of what no longer serves, thereby creating a life and relationship you love free from guilt, shame and fear. In this group you are encouraged to live fully and love deeply from a place of pleasure, power and ease.

This group is open to people who are single, as well as for those already in a relationship. While it is possible for you to find love here, it is by no means a match-making service.

People of all ages (18+), genders, sexual orientations (LGBTQ+), experience levels, and relationship preferences or configurations (monogamy, polyamory, open relating, single, married, dating, etc) are welcome.

We welcome you exactly as you are, right now.


In this group you are:

✶ Provided opportunities to attend meet-ups in the Calgary area that will offer you a space to meet new people, connect with friends, have conversations, and to learn and practice skills that are helpful in developing and maintaining deep, meaningful and fulfilling connections. Events include potlucks, meet & greets, discussion groups, practice groups, workshops, and classes where we can grow together!

✶ Invited to start discussion - post about yourself, ask for advice, have conversations with others, and support one another in finding, creating, or nurturing conscious friendships and relationships.

If any of this resonates, please come be part of this community! ♥️


~✶~ What is Conscious Dating? ~✶~

Conscious dating is a method to approaching new potential connections that respects our needs as individuals and offers an emotionally healthy way to find love. This process is about attracting people who are in alignment with our most authentic self. It’s not about creating superficial illusions or wearing a mask. It’s about calling in those who resonate with us, for all of the best reasons.

~✶~ What is a Conscious Relationship? ~✶~

A conscious relationship is one where all people involved feel committed to a sense of purpose, and that purpose is growth. Individual growth. Collective growth. Growth that makes the world a better place. The relationship becomes a journey of evolution, and the individuals involved have an opportunity to expand more than they could alone. The result of this is deep satisfaction and long-term fulfillment.

We do this by fostering and practicing depth in ourselves, and a willingness to witness the depths of others. We come from an authentic place with a thirst for knowledge and expansion. We intentionally choose to cultivate and practice radical self-love and empathy for others, and to communicate compassionately with ourselves and with those we care for.


✶ Would you like to connect with a community of like-minded people who are interested in living and loving in a more conscious way?

✶ Are you looking to meet new people, with the possibility of developing deeper connections?

✶ Are you already in a conscious relationship and looking to continue nurturing that connection, by learning new ways to do it, and have more opportunities to practice?

✶ Are you open to conscious dating or looking to find a partner with which to create a conscious relationship?

✶ Do you live in Calgary or the surrounding area, or visit here often?

If you are a 'Yes' then this is the group for you! ♥️

Because of the intimate nature of the group, pre-screening is a requirement. Please be sure to add a photo of yourself and answer all of the questions when you request to join. :)


✶About the Organizer ✶

Angela Bladon (https://www.facebook.com/angela.bladon) is an Empowerment Practitioner: A Life & Relationship Coach, Community Builder, Tantra Facilitator and mom of 3 children from Calgary, Alberta. She offers guidance and support to people who want to live fully and love deeply from a place of pleasure, power, and ease. Angela builds conscious loving communities, and is known for her ability to hold space for authenticity and vulnerability.

Angela’s educational background is in Psychology and Philosophy. She has over a decade of experience in Mental Health, Social Work, and Crisis Counselling. Angela has also been trained and mentored by expert/master level Relationship Coaches, Sex Educators, Energy Practitioners, and Tantra Teachers from all over the world.

As a leader in the Calgary Tantra community since 2014, Angela has been inspiring and empowering people by teaching skills, tools, and insights that make room for healing, connection, and growth. She does this in her everyday life, through the transformative experiential group workshops and events she facilitates, with the high vibrational products she creates, and in the one-on-one sessions she offers to individuals and couples.

Click HERE (http://numinouscreations.setmore.com/) To schedule a free 30 minute exploration session with Angela

Stay connected with Angela through the Facebook page:

Numinous Creations - https://www.facebook.com/NuminousCreations/

You can also see all upcoming events here:

Join Angela’s other meetup groups:

• Calgary Tantra (https://www.meetup.com/CalgaryTantra/)

• Calgary Cuddle Party (https://www.meetup.com/Calgary-Cuddle-Party)

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