What we're about

I'm looking for more card makers to get crafty with. Preferably during the day and in the SW or SE part of the city. A group of card makers to come together to work on projects and share ideas, tips and tricks with one another. And of course to make some new crafty friends! I don't have a space myself so perhaps you do. But if there is enough interest I will look into finding us some space to play. There are some scrapbook stores that offer their space for free if it is not being used. All levels welcome.

Ideally we would meet as often as group members would like to, preferably in the day time but some evenings would be great too. We can come together and bring our cards to share techniques and just our love of cards. Bring cards you are working on as well as supplies to make cards together. I would love for this to be an interactive group where everyone has a voice in sharing their ideas and if someone would like to demonstrate cards for the group to make that would be wonderful. All ideas for the group are welcome! It's about bringing fellow card makers together and making new friends!

Upcoming events

No upcoming events