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* Are you a Creationist, Agnostic, or Atheist?
* Are you open-minded?
* Are you capable of self-humility?
* Do you enjoy intellectual discourse?
* Do you enjoy philosophy and thought experimentation?
* Do you enjoy theological debate?

If you have answered "YES" to most of these questions, then this might be the place you're looking for!


1) To inform and educate
You will be enticed to forget what you think you know (or pretend to know) about the world. You will be challenged to progress your understanding of science even further, and will hopefully learn why this is important when talking about religion.

2) To discuss and probe
You will be dared to show some self-humility and to critically question your epistemology (the nature of your belief system). We will dig deep into all the arguments (and rebuttals) which both theologians and non-theologians profess.

3) To enlighten and activate
You will hopefully have a new-found respect for the scientific method as well as an understanding for the NEED to be skeptical of assertions without evidence. Moreover, hopefully your desire to seek knowledge (and the nature of knowledge) will be further initiated.

Ultimately I would like to break down the walls and barriers which prevent us from engaging in open-minded critical discussion on - what I believe to be - a very important topic. Religion has been around since time immemorial, and so has its critics. Thanks to the Internet, we are now in an age where we have endless volumes of encyclopedic information at our fingertips. In spite of this - and considering all of the advances in astronomy, microbiology, genetics, and science in general - a large percentage of the world still insists on the existence of a cosmic creator.

Join me in this series of meet-ups where we will humble ourselves and question WHY we pretend to know what we know, and HOW exactly we know what we know.


* calm intelligent debate.
* no alcohol please.

Any offenses will result in potential banning from group.

Thank you for your interest!

- Sandor

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