This Meetup is past

7 people went


Ludum Dare 28 is happening Dec.13th - Dec.16th

The Last Ludum Dare event went pretty good. Mike K (one of the guys who runs it) even showed up which was pretty neat, and everybody made some really cool games that weekend.

Check some of them out here:

We've been talking about organizing another meetup for people taking part in Ludum Dare 28.

I know it's the holiday season and everyone is busy but hopefully we can build on the turn out from the last time.

Did everyone like the format from last time?

We can:

1.) Keep it the same; have a general meetup/ find team-mates on friday, and then everyone can go off and make their games, and we meet up sometime in the following weeks to show off the game?

2.) We could ( If there was enough interest.) rent a classroom for the Saturday the 14th and everyone could jam together on the Saturday.

3.) We could mix the two together and have a general meetup on Friday followed by a classroom for people that want to work together?

4.) Really anything else...

Let me know what you'd prefer.

Here's a link to the rules incase you're not sure what Ludum Dare is: