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Gamer Sunday with the Boardgames Group @ Dickens Pub
Every Sunday at Dickens we host an event called Gamer Sundays. Tabletop games, card games, computer games or console games, it's all welcome. We have a wide variety of board games to play as well as an Xbox and a Gamecube! Some folks prefer to bring their own, and that's totally encouraged! We're typically open until 11pm, but if we've got people playing, we stay open to accommodate. Heroscape, Magic The Gathering, Starcraft, WarHammer, Dominion, Carcassone, Settles Of Catan, Scrabble, Jenga, World Of Warcraft, Dungeons & Dragons, Streetfighter, Beer Pong, etc. - Any game goes! Opens at Noon! -Starcraft on the TVS -Health Potions, Mana Potions, Rejuviation Potions and Quick Revives (2oz $12 cocktails) -Millstreet Organic and Tankhouse 20oz pints, only $4.50! -Host your own tournaments -Paint your figurines -Free Wi-Fi -Suggestions? We want to hear them!!!

Dickens Pub

1000 9 Ave SW · Calgary, AB

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Are you a geek who's into computers, video gaming, sci-fi/fantasy, movies, anime, comics or other geeky type stuff? Then this just might be the group for you!

We geeks can sometimes be reclusive, shy, socially awkward or just not good at making friends and meeting people. Or maybe we're great at being social but we just want to seek out more of our own kind. Either way it's sometimes tough to find a cool group of geeks to hang with so we either stay home most of the time or stick with the small group of geeks that we know.

This group aims to provide social events where we can meet each other, have fun doing or talking about the geeky things we enjoy in an environment where we can all feel comfortable being ourselves and not worry about the usual social pressures that sometimes scare us off. When you come to our meetups you can rest assured that people will not judge you based on how you look or dress or the fact that you don't have stellar social skills, but rather based on who you really are.

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