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The game is now back open to drop ins however there is a caveat due to my wifes condition she cannot be around sick people so i must please ask anyone with a cold to please wait until they are well before showing up. She is at a very sensitive stage in her healing and a cold could prove terminal. Thank you for your consideration in advance and happy gaming :)

Well the first meetup for this went so well we've decided to make it an ongoing thing. We have just finished a quest so the new one has yet to begin but so far the action and survival has been intense with at least four characters dying since the slaughter of the railway camp.

They have been seduced by hidden predators and almost drained, chased down by mojave rattlers (think tremors meets sandworms from dune) while on a train, robbed by the undead including some of their past party members among the unliving, killed a crooked sheriff and deputy, chased down by a redneck family of werewolves in the back country, attracted the attention of a dastardly cult and been attacked by a mad scientist and his mechanical monstrosities.

Currently they are have just been in a massive mechanical battle with Doc Klaw and his mechs and scraped by.

We have three spots for any and all skill levels. So whether you are a novice to tabletop or a seasoned veteran this game is easy to pick up and play :) Any questions your welcome to comment below and ill happily answer them ASAP.

Few quick points of note

- The game can get quite loud as everyone's talking but don't be intimidated we are a very friendly bunch of guys and gal who will be happy to answer any questions you have during game play, help you understand the game mechanics or suggest some courses of action.

- Bring some snacks and drinks for yourself it can be a long night. There is a bar fridge for gamer use near the table.

- SUGGEST YOU ARRIVE AN HOUR EARLY SO WE CAN MAKE YOUR CHARACTER UP FOR THE GAME ( no mad scientists) The reason i cap locked this is its hard to keep the game straight while making characters on the fly during combat this way you can enjoy the game mechanics without being confused by the introduction to the game creation.

- We do a lot of conversation at the table but also progress the story line as well in game so be warned we are a very social bunch.

-Currently there are 7 of us at the table which includes our GM.

- If you have your own dice feel free to bring them if not we have plenty of supplies. A good attitude and a wicked imagination with a quick wit is all you'll really need.

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