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Feel like you are going crazy from uncertainty, and need some good answers to the big questions in life? Do you feel a yearning for deeper, more understanding and significant conversation? Then, this is probably the place to be.

Our main goal is to have interactive, deep, intellectually serious, significant, understanding, and open discussions. This means no lectures. You will be spending a huge duration of time talking about your views. We have strict moderation to ensure people are getting enough time to speak, are included, and that conversation is not dominated. We also aim to be understanding, rather than intellectually competitive. This is not a knowledge contest, and the aim should be trying to intellectually comprehend and empathize with each other to further our understanding and knowledge. There is no forced participation. We aim to be psychologically invasive (meaning we try to pry deep into feelings, beliefs, experiences, and ideas). We do not want goofy discussions, the desire for truth should be a pretty consistent value.

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Free discussion Bowness Park

Bowness Park

Launch of my NGO - Need & Feed Foundation

Polish Canadian Cultural Centre

Free discussion

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