What we're about

The world needs more people in their 30s, 40s and 50s who like to get out, expand their social circles, have a good time, try somewhere new, have interesting conversations, people watch, explore the city, and make new friends.

Calgay Metropolitans Meetup is an age-specific non-profit social club.

Members of the group love the urban lifestyle, and would like to be with like-minded people to explore what Calgary has to offer. Some are in a relationship and looking for a social boost, some are recently divorced or fresh out of a relationship, some chose to remain being single and are not looking for a relationship, and some are single and searching for someone to share their life with.
You know, the kids are self-sufficient, the regular friend circle wants to do the same old thing, all your other friends are married and your normal friend circle isn't giving you opportunity to meet 'the one' for you, or you and your partner have watched all the imaginable series' on Netflix and now you want to get out more....or you're simply new to Calgary and starting a new life. So, this group would be all about enjoying the people of Calgary, making friends, and having new experiences.
It's about bringing people together and having some fun.

Our Events

Focusing mostly in the inner city of Calgary, you'll be invited to pub nights, wing nights, singles mixer events, restaurant nights, cooking classes, cultural events, makers nights,and anything else I can think of.
Many times our events fill up very quickly after they are announced. Those who have their email notification settings turned on are often the ones who respond to these announcements early and are often first to get sign-up spots.
*Note*: Please don't join just for the heck of it! Please have friendship and being an active member in mind. Not everyone can make every event, or attend in group settings, and that's fine, but the object of this group is to get out of the house and make friends, not just being a name on a roster.

Code of Conduct

This is a social group and not a forum for marketing/promoting your business. Anyone using our events to employ marketing tactics will be given a warning. Second complaints will result in being banned.
This is not Tinder or any other online dating web site: do NOT send uninvited (i.e. no permission given) or unwelcome messages to members in the group. ANY complaints will result in being banned.
Members should add themselves to event Waitlists if they are interested in the event and available to attend. However, please remember to remove yourself once you find out later that you are no longer able to attend. Also, if you are on a Waitlist, it is your responsibility to check your email notifications (or check the event page directly if you have notifications turned off) to see if you have been added to the event.

If you are on an Attending list, unless it's an emergency or high-priority reason, do not cancel last-minute. Understand that last-minute cancellations do not allow the next person in the Waitlist lineup to respond in time and manage their scheduling with such short notice, causing a spot on the Attendance list to be wasted. Do not make a habit of cancelling last-minute (i.e. not high priority reasons).
Those who No-Show (i.e. sign up for an event, leave themselves on the attendance list, and end up not showing to the event without any attempt to contact the event organizer) will be recorded. Multiple No-Shows will result in the Organizer reviewing the offending member's attendance history, and if warranted, result in membership cancellation of that individual.
Everyone should be treated in a respectful and welcoming manner. No bullying or harassment, or loud and aggressive behavior will be tolerated. As the majority of events are at restaurants and pubs, this respect extends to wait staff and venue managers.
Please do not contact the venue of an existing event to modify reservations or add your own tables to an existing event to bypass waitlists or otherwise manipulate event participation. Anyone who does this will be immediately and permanently removed from the group. If you don't like waitlists, then this is not the group for you.
The Organizer (and any assigned assistant organizers) of this group reserves the right to supply posted events in any way and in any capacity he sees fit, which includes (but is not limited to) the chosen activity, chosen venue, location of event, participation number, event format, frequency of events, fees, and any other considerations under his control. No personal requests to modify events or requests for setting up events will be accepted. This is stated in order to establish boundaries and to protect the Organizer (and any assistant organizers). Organizer burnout and protecting the personal lives of organizers are very real issues in Meetup. Please enjoy the group, but also respect organizers' boundaries, organizer preferences, organizer personal commitments outside of Meetup and their personal lives in general.

This meetup group is not for profit. From time to time, events may require prepayment for purposes of reimbursement to organizers for having prepaid tickets or costs out of pocket. If ever prepayment is requested, event details will clearly outline such conditions for those events. Most events do not require prepayment. If an event has any markup value, that will solely be for purposes of subsidizing annual costs for operating on meetup.com and any markup will be clearly stated in the event details.

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Flames game at Joyce

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Saturday Brunch in Inglewood

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DJ and Dancing

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Supper and drinks at River Cafe Restaurant

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Flames game and wings at Hudson’s

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